Things To Know Before You Remove Facial Hair

Before we begin, let us set it straight: there is nothing wrong with having facial hair for women. Who cares if you have a little bit of fuzz on your face? After all, having hair is natural. There is even a rising movement among the millennials to embrace body hair in their activism against body shaming.

But if you are not ready to fully embrace your body hair, affected by it and are feeling a little paranoid about it, there are a couple of ways out there to help you feel confident in your swimwear and nightgown. But before you go on a land mowing spree, you should have a little read on what you need to know.


Hair Removal Cream

Perhaps when you were still a sensitive teenager, some random kid came up to you to remark how amazing it is that you have a moustache. You ran home and ransacked your mum’s cosmetics arsenal for her hair removal cream and it has been your best friend since. The pros of the cream are it is quick and painless and leaves no hair untouched. But you may find that, somehow, the hairs grow back slightly darker. And if you have sensitive skin, using it can make your skin turn red. So be sure to keep some aloe gel with you to soothe it.


Electric Blades

If you are in a hurry because you forgot about your date night and you have bought a sleeveless dress specially for the occasion, electric razors and blades will come in handy. They can get rid of your facial hair in a jiffy and are totally painless.

But like any solution that simply deal with issues on a surface area, you may find little hairs already growing back out within 24 hours. They might not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but you can surely feel it when you run your fingers across your skin. And since hairs that are just breaking the surface can feel rough and a little prickly, shaving every day becomes a necessary evil until you find a more permanent solution (that’s if you are going to, eventually).



If you have ever threaded your eyebrows, you should be familiar with the pain level to be expected from this method. While a tad uncomfortable, it’s not exactly unbearable. Among all other hair removal methods, threading is perhaps the most effective way if costs and the regrowth time is your top concerns. In the hands of a skilful threader, the process can leave behind smooth skin and month-long results since it pulls hairs out from the roots.

However, you should be strategic about this. Choose a service provider near your home or go during the evenings, since threading can cause your skin to turn red and slightly swollen. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate regularly.


Cream Bleaching

If you are concerned about stubbly regrowths, you may want to bleach your upper lip hair to reduce their visibility. However, there have been anecdotes of people developing hyperpigmentation possibly from using cream bleaches. The chemicals are harsh and may irritate the skin, leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Hair Epilation

Epilators are like an overcrowded nest of newly hatched birds, hungry with beaks ready to chomp on anything resembling food. Designed with many small tweezers, they are great at clamping down on unwanted hairs over a small area like the upper lip and armpits. It is pretty much painless fool-proof to use. The results typically last about a month.



We do not recommend waxing at home and risk accidental burns or scabs. It is better left to professionals and salons to choose the safest and most suitable products for your face. The waxing process can range from being unpleasant to just a tug, depending on your tolerance for pain. Nevertheless, waxing produces thorough hair removal results for about a month. To make your removal experience as painless as possible, you should do it regularly as it will target your hair growth at different stages.


Home IPL And Laser

What used to be a hair removal solution exclusively available to salons, laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) appliances and devices are now also available for home-use through compact and user-friendly designs. The products are specifically made for addressing small areas like the upper lip. While they can achieve semi-permanent hair removal rather effectively, the results are not instantaneous – you will need to use it over three to six months so as to target your hair over its various growth stages and then for maintenance after. Also, they are most effective on fair and medium skin tones and cannot be used on dark skin yet, until further technological advances address this.