Things You Should Know Before Threading

If you are after a complexion like that of a perfect egg-shell or flawlessly shaped brows, threading may be your answer. It is an ancient hair removal technique that is purported to originate from India and the Middle East. It involves a trained therapist plucking unwanted hairs at the follicle with a thin cotton thread. It is unlike tweezing, several hairs are removed at once, providing more control especially in shaping the brows. Threading was (and still is) designed to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows to frame faces better. While it is most commonly used to get enviable brows, threading is also a highly effective way of ridding unwanted hair on the face, especially so at the upper lip area.

The process of threading is fast and precise. As the cotton thread glides along your eyebrows and skin to remove unwanted hair, it will grab the hair and pull them off by the root, leaving a smooth and clean finish. It can even get to the finest and smallest hair without a fuss and does not cause significant redness or swelling at the areas. Thus, leaving you with clean, defined brows and/or fuzz-less skin. If you have been wanting to give threading a try or have been avidly going for sessions, read on to find out 5 things that you should know before threading.


Leave It To The Pro

Whether you are a newbie or a frequent to the thread, this hair removal treatment should be done by the professionals. Threading can be a logistical nightmare if you were to do it yourself even if you are dextrous. You may get yourself into situations of a botched brow or a cut on your face. You would not want that for sure! So leave it to the professionals to create the beautiful, symmetry of eyebrows or a fuzzless face. But do visit a reputable brow bar or salon and ensure a qualified technician is helping you with the hair removal.


Cleanliness Is Key

Do ensure that the salon, brow bar and the equipment used are clean. Same goes to the therapist’s’ hands and instruments. Before your threading session begins, make sure that the thread being used is sanitary. Also, the area being threaded should be cleaned to prevent bacteria from getting to your skin. If something is not sterile, it should not go anywhere near your face. That is a rule for life.

Hygiene does not stop at the equipment, the salon and the therapist’s hands. Your hands should be clean as well! You should never go into a threading session with dirty or unwashed hands too. Dirt and bacteria may stick to your hands and when you are requested to hold your skin taut during the threading session, these grime and bacteria will be transferred to your skin, causing potential breakout and in serious cases, an infection.


Lay Your Brow Goals Bare

You may have found yourself a great place and technician to thread your skin to perfection. However, your technician is not a mind-reader. Just like you would share your preference in hairstyle tastes and future plans for your hair to your hairstylists, do so for your brows threading technician. If you have any specific goals, such as growing out your eyebrow arches or wanting to sharpen the ends, you have got to mention it to your therapist. Should the need arise, you may want to check the progress with a hand mirror after a quick initial stage of the treatment process. It is always easier to remove unwanted hair than to save the pair that has been overzealously worked on. If you feel that the initial shape for your brows is not ideal, get it tweaked till you are satisfied. Though your eyebrows may be the last to be noticed on your beautiful face, it does play an important role in framing your face and complementing your features. So when they go oddly awry, it would be rather tough for them to go unnoticed.


Bearable Pain For Vanity

Threading may be a painful hair removal treatment. But it is considered one of the least painful when it comes to plucking hairs out at the follicle. It is a bearable pain for vanity sake in our opinion and is actually a great exchange for approximately 5-6 weeks of freedom from facial hair. Hence it saves you time and from the hassle of weekly shaving sessions. Plus, freshly threaded eyebrows are easier than ever to fill in which makes the morning makeup routine a whole lot faster, gain you extra time to lay in bed!

If you are a first-timer and you are nervous about the pain, request for your therapist to thread a small section of your forearm to have you to get a preview of the intensity of the pain that you would be facing.

A word of advice though, do avoid going for a session during your time of the month as your skin would usually feel more tender during it. Why book yourself a savage session of hair removal and bear unnecessary pain when you can have a fraction of it some other day?


Take Prep & Aftercare Seriously

It is easy, breezy in and out of the salon and continue your routine without giving two hoots to your newly threaded skin. But if you do not prepare or take care of your skin, you may find with the likelihood of irritated skin and pesky breakouts. A simple routine of ensuring that you have your skin thoroughly cleansed before threading is necessary. Gentle exfoliation is recommended to help prevent ingrown hair.

As for the aftercare, make sure that you avoid any stimulating treatment or exercise as your pores would be wide open after the threading session. Avoid touching the areas and if you like, you can go with a quick ice water facial (dunking or washing your face in ice water) to help quicken the contraction of your pores.