Think About These Bad Habits Before You Shave

If you are one of those who does not have a regular shaving routine, you might not be aware of these ingrained bad habits that you might be overlooking. While you might think that you can close an eye to some of these bad habits, some of your bad habits and poor shaving hygiene and practices could actually lead to very real and serious consequences that could land you in the hospital. Looking to keep the relationship cool with your razor, look out for these common bad habits that people might make when shaving.


Your Shaver Is Blunt

Most would look past this bad habit because of how shavers could cost quite a hefty bit, but we have to be real with ourselves and bin the razors when they turn blunt. For a general idea of when to get a new set of razors, here are three factors to look out for; when your razor blades are dull, when your blades are accumulating a lot of grime or if the razors are past their recommended date. On estimate, blades should be swapped out on a regular basis of around once a week to prevent them from harming your beautiful skin.


You Do Not Air Your Razor

A common mistake that most ladies make is that they aren’t aware of the right methods of storing and keeping their razors in a hygienic manner. To prevent the infestation of bacteria on your body parts, you should try to keep your razors as dry as possible after you shave and to ensure that they are aired. When you plant your shaver in a damp and warm environment, bacteria will proliferate and they would start getting onto your skin the next time you put the blade to skin. If you are storing your razor face-down in a moist soap dish, we beg you to stop this bad habit and place it face up or standing upright. When you utilise a bacteria-ridden blade, an accidental razor cut would lead to infections like cellulitis that has fever and swelling as symptoms. For those who use plastic blade covers, they can actually do wonders in the prevention of bacteria growth and extend the lifespan of your blades, but you have to ensure that they are placed on when the razor is completely dry or you run the risk of inviting bacteria to grow.


You Rush Through Shaving

The important thing about the shaving process is that it should not be made an afterthought. That means that you have to have your full attention when de-fuzzing and not speed through the shaving process. When you rush through it, you run the risk of cutting yourself up. Like any other cuts that you might encounter, they would be vulnerable to infection and more so, if your razor is blunt or has bacteria growing on the blades. When you cut yourself with a razor that isn’t in the best of conditions, you increase the risk of shaving rash and that could even end up in the red raised bumps that look extremely unsightly and not to mention, itchy. If it happens all too often, there is a high chance that you might have long term implications like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (that is when that specific area of your skin appears darker) and hypertrophic scarring. To prevent such a thing from happening, you should glide your clean razor over your skin slow and steady to ensure that you do not nick your skin.


You Scrimp On Shaving Cream

When you try to do a fast one and skip the shaving cream, you will have a rather messy situation on your hands. When you scrape your razor over your dry skin, you are increasing the likelihood of more cuts and nicks. Not only does it hurt, but it could also look extremely unsightly especially when you are lusting after silky smooth legs. For a successful shave, something that you could do would be to lather with a small amount of shaving cream to cushion the skin and blade for a smoother, cleaner and friction-free shave.


You Share Your Razors

It might seem like a disgusting habit, we know. But that doesn’t seem to stop some people from sharing their razors for the sake of convenience. Not only are you adding to the bacteria on the blades, but you also do not know where the blades have just been or when the blades have been replaced. Just by observing the blades alone by sight is not a good enough reason for you to share razors. To prevent any mix-ups in the house, something that you can do would be to label your razors or get different coloured ones to tell them apart and please for the love of your skin, do not share your razors. That is the least you could do for your skin.