This Is How People With Odd Working Hours Sleep

Sleep is a funny thing. Even though we force ourselves to get to bed, they may evade us like it is the plague. There have been many days when I would intentionally set myself in bed only to find myself flicking on my table lamp thirty minutes later from the boredom of trying to cajole myself to sleep. As I looked out of my window, I noticed how the city was still very much alive and how there were many others who were working in the house in which I would be sleeping. How did they find sleep in the day especially when you consider how most people can only sleep in complete darkness. It got me thinking about what extent that those who had jobs with odd working hours go to achieve their require hours of rest. In this article, there are testimonials and tips from people whose occupation has an odd working hour. Read on to discover how they manage to find sleep and how you can use these tricks of the trade to get your rest without the panda eyes the next day.


Case Study: Surgeons

Surgeons have it hard and that is because they are always on the job even when they remove their white coat. For most doctors, they are always a pager beep away whenever someone under their care has to go under the knife. Unfortunately, these surgeries do not only happen during office hours and a call for doctor could come at those odd hours of the day. For doctors, the busy nights on call can take a serious toll on their body and to recover from a 12-hour operation from night to day could take days to recover What most doctors do to get back to their sleep rhythm is to go for exercise classes to get their heart pumping and sweat dripping. When they do that, they tire themselves out and it is with the hope that it would lure them back to dreamland. Another tip that doctors do is to avoid any screen time in the hours before bedtime since the blue light emitted from these smart devices could keep one up for an extended hour or two.


Case Study: Touring Musicians

The life of a touring musician is never easy since they bounce between countries for most parts of their year. While traveling to new places is a fun experience, the jet lag and changing sleep environment each night could actually be bad for the physical and emotional wellbeing of the individual. What they do to cajole themselves to sleep is the changing of ambience in their new bedroom to something much more soothing. That could be the use of a relaxing soundtrack repeating the sound of waves crashing onto the sand through the night or even a lit candle of your favourite scent through the night. Some of them have even taken to doing yoga just a few hours before bed to get them into the right mood. Yoga has been found to reduce stress and enhance one mental focus and that could be just the thing to get you cosying up in bed with your mind clear of thoughts.


Case Study: Air Traffic Controller

Something that isn’t talked about often is the odd shift patterns of air traffic controllers — on certain days, they have to work two early mornings, two late afternoons and two nights before they get a four day off to recuperate. This means that they have to frequently change up their sleep schedule forward by half a day each week and that is sure to impact one’s sleep. For those who are in this line, the secret to getting sleep immediately is to start bring your sleep routine forward. What that encompasses is the preparation of sleep the moment you leave the office. Just ended work at noon? It is highly advisable to put on a pair of sunglasses on the way home (if it is safe) and to leave all the curtains shut in the bedroom to replicate the darkness of the night. Another thing you could do at home is to create a before bed routine to lull your brain into thinking that sleep is going to follow after. Things like the sipping of a hot drink before bed or putting on your silky smooth pyjamas are some of those things that would ease you into bed.


Case Study: Radio Presenter

Part of a radio presenter’s job is to keep your late-night listeners entertained and that could mean reporting to the radio station at odd hours to do your job. While being a radio presenter is fun since you get to play your favourite hits and dance to them since no one can spot you, those odd hours have a drawback and that means getting to sleep hours earlier so that you still retain your eight hours of rest. Despite how tempting it is to bring your phone to bed, there is actually a good reason to start leaving it outside the bedroom. When your mind gets distracted and starts whirling into motion as it fixates on a thought, you get tensed up as the thought starts unravelling and that is when you find it much harder to sleep. Another thing you could do to get into a proper sleep routine is to stop all stimulating activities in that hour or so before bedtime. What you want to do is to quiet down and get to zzz…