Tighten Your Skin with 7 Superfoods

It’s no secret that as you age, your collagen production slows down to a crawl. This results in saggy skin and other age-related skin issues. However, age isn’t the only thing that will affect the tautness of your skin. Extreme weight loss, old age and predisposed genetic conditions are also responsible for loose skin. Additionally, environmental factors can have an adverse effect on the appearance of your skin as well.

Nevertheless, the most common reason for saggy skin can be traced back to the low production of elastin and collagen. In this case, the first step is to increase your intake of foods with vitamins and minerals that increase the production of collagen in your body.


What is Collagen & How Does It Affect Your Body?

Found mostly in your muscles, skin and bones, collagen is a protein that serves as the body’s main building block responsible for keeping your skin elastic, protecting your organs, providing a framework for your joints and tendons and to keep your bones and muscles intact.

Discover seven superfoods that will slow down the clock and keep you looking younger beyond your actual age.

1. Oysters

Renowned for its aphrodisiac properties, raw oysters have been consumed for centuries as a delicacy and a treat. Besides being responsible for producing feel-good hormones, oysters are the best foods for tightening your skin. Oysters are packed with selenium and zinc, which improve and increase the skin’s elasticity over time. Selenium also contains high levels of antioxidants that stall the effects of age on your skin.

2. Cruciferous Vegetables

If you don’t usually include a lot of vegetables in your diet, this might change your mind for the better. Vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli and kale are amazing foods to turn to if you need a boost of vitamin C, zinc and selenium. They not only promote collagen, but also promote skin health! A cup of chopped broccoli will go a long way in keeping you looking younger and healthier.

3. Citrus Fruits and Vegetables

Apart from providing a refreshing twist to your diet, citrus fruits make a significant impact on the elasticity of your skin. Vitamin C improves the elasticity of the skin and jumpstarts the production of collagen. Reach for a tangerine or two for an added boost of zinc and selenium. Alternatively, you could also turn to certain vegetables, such as bell peppers and tomatoes, for your daily dose of vitamin C.

4. Oils

Include almond oil as part of your skincare routine. In addition to smelling pleasant and being a high source of vitamin E, almond oil, when massaged into the skin, prevents sagging and tightens the skin. The best way to achieve effective results would be to repeat the method every day for about 15 minutes a day. Olive oil is another great alternative to keep your skin supple and taut. Massaging the oil into your skin after washing your face aids in the tightening of skin.

5. Egg Whites

If you need a fast, cheap and good mask to tighten your skin and your pores, egg whites are your best bet! Combine some lemon juice and honey with egg whites to the mix to tackle blackheads and acne and leave the mask on for 15 minutes to work its magic on your skin. Remember to moisturise after washing your face. Egg whites provide a good source of riboflavin and selenium. Furthermore, they control the oil production in glands.

6. Avocados

Besides tasting incredibly delicious and being a great source of healthy fats, avocados are also wonderful ingredients that you can incorporate into your skincare regime. They are perfect for sealing the moisture in your skin and tightening your pores simultaneously. To get more out of this superfood, combine some avocados with plain yoghurt and use it as a face mask.

7. Plain Yogurt

Praised for its versatility, both as a healthy dairy product and a key ingredient in skincare, yoghurt is steeped in protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics. Additionally, it has the ability to revitalise skin and combats many skin care issues, including acne, premature ageing, discolourations and dull skin. The combination of lactic acid and zinc keeps your skin healthy. If you need a quick fix, massage some yoghurt into skin and this will instantaneously bring out your inner glow. More importantly, yoghurt slows down the clock, leaving you looking way younger than your actual age.


Make Time Your Friend

You know how the saying goes: You are what you eat. Pay attention to the food that you’re including in your diet and you might just be blown away by how small, consistent changes to your diet affect the overall health and appearance of your skin.