Tips To Tone Your Arms Part One

Get A (New) Grip

Being your strongest arm muscles, your biceps also enjoy a good angle of motion, making toning easier than other muscles. Adopt bicep curls grips with these two grips: palms facing up and facing down to hit all the fibres. Finish 3 sets of 12 repetitions (reps) each with medium weight, which is one that you can do relatively comfortably while feeling some strain, but not too heavy till you cannot complete the exercise, nor too light till you achieve nothing.


Use The Stability Or Exercise Ball

As the name suggests, the stability ball is useful in forcing you to use your otherwise under-utilised core muscles to maintain a posture. It engages these muscles and amplifies the results of your reclined exercises like chest presses, shoulder presses, push-ups etc. Even though your emphasis is on your arms, working bigger muscle groups associated with your arm muscles (such as chest, back and shoulder muscles) are important to achieve the best sculpting results and muscular balance.


Use Your Steering Wheel

Keep up the drive for toned arms even when you are on the road or stuck in a jam. Position your hands on the steering wheel, with your left at the nine o’clock position and your right on the three, and squeeze the wheel inwards; this exercise will work your biceps, triceps as well as your chest muscles.

Upsize it by placing your hands along the inside of the steering wheel rim at the respective positions and push outwards; this will work your deltoids. Aim to maintain the tension for twenty to thirty seconds. Just be sure not to exercise to the point you are no longer able to maintain a straight line when driving!


Monkey Around

Many neighbourhoods in Singapore have exercise corners that allow you to conveniently channel your inner monkey. A simple set of swinging across the bars is a great way to not just shape your upper arms but also your forearms and shoulders. Aim to swing twice across the distance daily and you will have no problems reaching your goals.


Do Dips as You Go For a Dip

Swimming is one of the best and most fun ways to shape your arms, strengthen your muscles and lose the flab. But if you are not comfortable in the water or cannot last beyond a few laps, try doing presses by the pool. Body in the water at the shallow end of the pool, place your palms along the edge of the pool. Push yourself up and lift your body out of the water as far as your straightened arms allow, and then slowly lower yourself back into the water. Do fifteen repetitions of this and try not to cheat by hopping.


“Fly” In The Water

Alternatively, you can stand with shoulders just slightly under the surface, arms lifted to shoulder height to form a T-shape with your body. With your palms open and facing the front, fingers closed and arms straight, bring your palms together as fast you can. Do this fifteen times to work your forearms, chest and deltoids.


Row, Tow, Tone Your Arms

Ever seen the arms of canoeists and dragon boaters? Veteran rowers sport magnificent arms as the rowing actions hit all the arm muscles. But, most of us have no access to water bodies big enough to row our boats (if we even have one).

You can, however, simulate rowing conditions in the gym. Grab an Olympic bar, the bar usually used to perform bench presses, and lay it between your legs (one end of the bar in front of you and the other behind) and hold up one end while the other end stays on the ground. Position yourself at the middle of the bar with your body bending slightly forward. For each repetition, lift the front end of the bar to your chest and then lower it back down. Perform twenty repetitions.


Paper Planks

We all know planking and it is a wonderful way to train the arms and core muscles. Take it up a notch with a piece of paper. In a pushup position with arms straightened and legs at shoulders’ width apart, put one hand on a piece of paper or paper plate to reduce friction. Then in planking position, use the hand that is on top of the paper as a pivot and make a full circle (like an arm on the face of the clock) ten times, clockwise and repeat it counter-clockwise. Switch arms and repeat the two sets.


Hi Biceps, Bye Arm Flab

Who does not love beautifully-toned biceps, especially when they are one of the first things people notice as your biceps are front-facing? Get an exercise ball or a 45-degree reclining gym bench for this exercise. If you are using the ball, make sure you sit low with your back against the ball so your body is angled about 45-degrees. Grab two dumbbells and do bicep curls — keep your elbows stationary while you lift the weights purely by the contraction of your biceps. Lift and lower them slow and steady, and do as many as you can until failure.