Tips To Tone Your Arms Part Two

Fresh Way To Tone Triceps

Refresh your triceps-toning exercises with new ones like a ball-overhead reach. Begin with lying on an exercise ball with your shoulders and head while your body and hips are kept parallel with the ground by forming right-angled knees. Holding a medicine ball or dumbbell of suitable weight, keep your arms over your chest. Keeping your elbow in place, bend your arms and slowly lower the weight until your elbows form a right angle. Hold it there for 5 seconds and repeat the motion 15-20 times.


Sit Down & Tone Up

A Swiss ball can be helpful in strengthening your core muscles and improve your body posture.

Sit upright on a Swiss ball, arms held overhead. Holding an object like a medicine ball or dumbbell of appropriate weight, slowly bend your elbows until the object is behind your head. Hold it there for ten seconds and straighten your arms again. Perform 20 repetitions.

How this differs from the previous exercise is that the former trains triceps and chest muscles while the latter trains the core, triceps and upper back muscles.


Stay Lean With Cardio

Going back to the roots with this one: whenever your goals involve detailing and toning of your physique, you have got to pay attention to cardio exercises to reduce subcutaneous fat so to keep your skin close to your muscle fibres. To achieve your cardio needs, take walks uphill, set your treadmill on an incline, take a slow jog, do callisthenics or high-intensity interval training.


It’s All In The Small Stuff

The key to making sure any endeavour you embark on is successful is to not neglect the small stuff — exercise included. While forearm and shoulder rotator muscles may be small, they play an important role in stability for effective exercises. In a seated position with you holding two lightweights, keep your elbows in a ninety-degree angle and hold up the weights such that your upper arms are at shoulder-height and parallel to the ground while the weights are beside your head. Keeping them at a right angle, rotate your arms forward and lower the weights until your forearms are parallel to the ground. Return back to the original position and do this fifteen times.


Do Not Neglect Stretching

Just like the previous paragraph, the key is in the small details. Before and after you engage in the exercises, it is good to prepare your muscles and joints with a good stretch for optimal freedom of movement. To stretch your triceps, raise your right arm and extend it behind your head with your fingers trying to touch the spine. With your left arm, reach for your right elbow and press on it gently. Maintain the posture for about thirty seconds. Switch to your left arm and repeat.


Take Up A Travelling Band

No, we do not mean a four-piece music band on a regional tour. We are referring to a simple, portable, elastic exercise band with which you can do some resistance training on the goal. Fancy a good muscle-warming exercise while you fly? Fish it out of your hand carriage and get a quick fix. Just be careful not to punch your neighbouring passenger!

A simple exercise you can do with your exercise band is the Wide Ts. With each hand holding each end of the band, raise your straightened arms such that they are parallel to the ground. Arch your back and pull on the band until your body forms a T-shape. Hold it there for fifteen seconds and return to the original position. Do 15 repetitions of this.

Alternatively, use your master foot and step on the middle of the exercise band while your hands hold onto each end of the band. Keeping your elbows in place by your side, slowly contract your biceps and pull the ends to your chest or until you feel substantial resistance from the band. Hold it there for ten seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat fifteen times.


Circles For The Shoulders

To add on to your regime to strengthen your shoulder muscles, it is imperative that you perform exercises that target all the shoulders’ muscle fibres. Because of its all-round movement range, sometimes just doing shoulder presses are not enough to achieve any effect on the front and back shoulder muscles.

With your right hand holding a medium weight, put it in a bending forward position with your left arm supporting it. Move the weights in a circular motion in an increasing diameter of motion. Do ten to fifteen clockwise circles and in the opposite direction. Repeat for the other arm.


Embrace Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells have been regarded as one of the most useful weights. Using acute acceleration and sustained deceleration to work the muscles, you can strengthen and tone more effectively.

Try the cross curtsy row that targets your arms and lower body in one single workout. Hold the kettlebell with your left hand and take a step back to perform a curtsy bow with your left leg. With the kettlebell going close but not touching the ground, stand back upright with your left foot back to the original standing position. Do twenty repetitions on both the left and right sides.