Tone Your Arms With These 3 Exercises

Every woman wants strong and toned arms, but in reality, many of us have that visible amount of arm flab that jiggles uncontrollably when we wave goodbye. If this sounds all too familiar, we have the ideal solution for you — triceps toning exercises. Triceps exercises not only present you with a stronger upper arm, it will also result in that toned appearance that you longed for. However, before we get to the strength training part, there are a couple of factors that you need to take into serious consideration.


Eat Clean

You must probably have heard of this phrase endless times by your health-conscious relatives or your fitnessphile friends. But what exactly does eating clean means? Well, eating clean is basically indulging yourself in a balanced diet that consists of a healthy serving of fruits vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, grains and essential fats, while at the same time, reducing or ditching on packaged or processed foods that are usually clogged with excess sodium, sugar or trans fat. Eating clean means to limit yourself from consuming an extravagant amount of meal portions and to steer clear of food that is manufactured in a lab or a factory.

To sum it up, eating clean is all about eating real food, and that equates to meat and plants straight from the source. If you enjoy having your brunch at Subway on every alternate weekdays with an order of the six-inch Italian BMT, you probably would want to opt for something more wholesome from now on like a steak or salmon with boiled vegetables on the sides.


Add Cardio Exercises Into The Mix

Whatever your goals are, cardio is an important aspect any fitness aspirations. Engaging yourself in regular cardiovascular exercises not only aid in burning the extra belly fats and calories, it is also key to unleash and reveal the exquisite contours of muscles underneath the layers of fats that we are looking to tone. Several fitness studies have strongly advocated the inclusion of cardiovascular activities to your fitness routines as it helps strengthen the heart and lungs as well.

The Health Promotion Board, for instance, have recommended at least 100 to 150 minutes of heart-pumping cardio exercises in a week for a strong and healthy heart. It may seem like a lot of numbers at first glance, but you do not have to complete the number of minutes at one go. Instead, you can break it up and divide it equally throughout the week so that your workouts are evenly spread out. When you start to break it down, you  will realise that you have the flexibility to engage yourself in a 30-minute cardio workout for five days in the week or choose to train only thrice a week for a slightly longer duration of 50 minutes.

You can tweak it whichever way you like and the best part is, you can opt for yourself shorter workouts too as any amount, big or small, counts towards your overall weekly goal. Yes, it is that easy, so what are you waiting for? Start incorporating some cardio exercises into your life by walking, jogging, running swimming, cycling, climbing, dancing or any other activities that can get your heart pumping.


Strength-Train Your Triceps

Now that you are eating clean and exercising right, it is now time to target and deal with those triceps head-on with strength training. Because your triceps are the least utilised group of muscles in your daily movement, this means that you need to perform a specific set of exercises that are capable of forcing this particular muscle group of yours to work and grow.

And believe us when we tell you that there exist a multitude of exercises that can work your triceps, especially with a pair of handy dumbbells at your service. However, while working out with a pair of dumbbells can be wonderfully accomplishing, we are sharing with you folks today a series of bodyweight exercises for your triceps, and for good reason. Firstly, bodyweight exercises can be executed anywhere and anytime with no elaborate set-up or fancy equipment needed. It is relatively easy to fit these into your schedule when your day gets super busy. Secondly, these bodyweight exercises actually work and forces you to focus on the negative motion of the exercise, giving you a different kind of challenge and resistance. Lastly, bodyweight movements are easy to modify and take up lesser space than exercises that require fitness equipment. So, without further ado, let us dive down and learn more about these effective bodyweight exercises for the triceps.

Chaturanga Knee Push-Ups

Start off this movement in a kneeling plank position with both your arms directly below your shoulders. Your back should form a streamline shape form your upper back right to your knees. Next, proceed to lower your chest slowly to the floor and pause for two seconds and your chest grazes the ground before pushing yourself back up. Once you get stronger, try performing this move without the support of your knees.

Triceps Dip

This bodyweight movement can be executed almost anywhere, from the comfort of your bedroom, to the park and even your office desk. Begin with hands to your back resting on a ledge or the edge of a seat. Your hand should now be directly under your shoulders and your fingers facing the direction of your toes. Then, proceed to bend your elbow straight back and force yourself back up by pressing on your triceps.

Diamond Push-Up

A favourite in the Army, the diamond push-up really works your triceps and forces it to grow. Simply get into a push-up position but instead of placing your palms shoulder-width apart, bring them together to form the shape of a diamond with your two thumbs and forefingers. Thereafter, proceed to lower yourself in a controlled manner before pushing yourself back up with your triceps.