Top Fitness Trends in 2019

We are all midway through the new year and chances are, some of you out there who have pledged for yourselves one or two resolutions for the new year that may involve staying or getting in shape, have yet to kickstart your fitness regime for the year.

Well, we don’t blame you. It seems like a new wave of fancy diet and exercises, or other fitness products and ideas about how to get fit and stay healthy are popping up everywhere, and 2019 is no exception. On top of that, you go to bed every night contemplating if you should sign up for the 24-hour gym near your home or just enrol yourself in ad-hoc fitness sessions in your community centres. If this sounds like what you are going through, take heart! We have scoured the Internet for you to find out about the top fitness trends for this year that can potentially transform 2019 into your strongest year ever.


Fitness Furniture

Can home fitness equipment be chic and contribute to the style of your abode? The answer is a resounding yes! And with the younger generation now becoming more health conscious, the home décor industry has joined in the fitness bandwagon with several interior design companies adding an optional home gym option into their packages, as long as you have enough moolah to go the full distance in realising your fitness dreams and goals.

Cutting renovation costs? We hear you! Instead of engaging an interior designer to sketch out your home gym space and source out for the equipment, why not browse through some ideas for yourself visually with apps like Qanvast? As for the equipment, you can now purchase fashionable and functional coffee and end table that conveniently doubles as your workout equipment. For instance, a Hong Kong-based company, called The Habit, has recently launched its very first line of the multi-function wooden furniture series, which includes coffee tables that double as a workout bench for your bench presses and flyes, and the stools that accompany it can be lifted as weights or dumbbells.


Progressing Beyond HIIT

Apart from CrossFit, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past year or so. However, there have been several studies that suggest these high-intensity workouts can potentially trigger a spike in your stress levels and can quite possibly be damaging and detrimental for some. The studies went further to investigate the effects of HIIT workouts in a group of 200 participants. It was reported that in highly stressed individuals, it is highly possible that a single HIIT workout may lead to fat gain by thrusting the body’s cortisol levels into overdrive.

Therefore, you can expect a jump in articles that advocate lower cortisol workouts and probably see more of the term HILIT (high-intensity low-impact training) being sprinkled across your sponsored feeds on your social media platforms. For those who are not aware, HILIT is a gentler version of HIIT, much like Robin is to Batman or Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder is to Crimson Chin, that lowers the risk of a cortisol spike in your body and places a lesser strain on your joints as well.


Holistic Travels

Yes, boot camps are still available to bring out the soldier in you but in 2019, holistic mind-body fitness travels are the latest trend item to be added to this year’s menu. Don’t feel like planning one? We got you covered! A contemporary boutique fitness company by the name of Our Retreat is offering luxury fitness services, nutrition and well-being escapades for couples as well as solo travellers. In fact, they are hosting their very first ski-based escape in Chamonix, in the foothills of Mont Blanc, next month in February. The founders behind Our Retreat explained that their philosophy does not revolve around hours of intensive training drills and limiting your calorie intake. Rather, they aim to focus on core strength and mobility, which explains their escape sessions that include skiing, hiking, yoga, meditation and sound healing sessions — all of which promotes mobility and forces core muscles to work.



Of late, there is an increasing number of millennials who travel for adrenaline-pumping activities, such as skydiving, bungee-jumping and hiking. The popularity of hiking, in particular, remains on the rise and this trend is expected to continue its strong and sturdy march well into 2019. Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia and Mount Rinjani in Indonesia are great trekking places for beginners to start with. If for some reason you find these two popular hiking spots intimidating or just too far from the comfort of your own home, book a Grab service and take a hike up the steps of Bukit Timah Hill and you can still manage to get back home in time to catch your favourite 9pm drama series on Channel 8.