Tricks To Rid Your Belly Fat While Seated

You can blame the world all you want for that pouch of jelly-like belly that hugs your waist after being placed at the desk to slog away all day. This doughnut like float around your waist bears negative consequences like type two diabetes, heart diseases and can cause an early death too. And nothing would change if you do not take action and that is a fact.

To help you along with ridding that belly fat that you abhor while you stay sedentary at your desk to slay the day, we have collated a series of tips and tricks to do so effortlessly. So read on and kickstart beneficial habits that can keep your core trim and slim today!


Keep Things Cool

Lower the temperature in your environment to help your body burn more calories while it tries to keep you warm. In colder temperature, your body would be able to effectively attack the fat stored in your belly and improve insulin sensitivity, thus giving you an effortless headstart.


Guzzle As You Hustle

Keeping yourself well-hydrated reaps many benefits and eliminating belly fat is one of them. Water is vital for the hundred metabolic processes of your body and aids your body to function at optimal conditions. The key to ace this belly fat busting trick is to boost your metabolism rate by drinking more than 2 litres of water a day. Simple right?

You may like to give this hack a boost by drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal. Doing so can help fill up space in your stomach, help you feel full faster and ultimately, reduce the number of calories consumed.


Doing It Right To A Tea

It is tempting to reach out for a sweet drink or a soda to dismiss that after lunch snooze, but they do little to keep your belly fat at bay. Grab a cup of green tea instead. They are packed with antioxidants that can help boost weight loss and promote general health. If you are one who always feels a little peckish, try peppermint tea. It would help in curbing those unwelcomed cravings and boost your immune system too. Not so much of a tea-drinker? Get your caffeine dose with a low-calorie black coffee to beat the snooze and blast that belly fat instead.


Squeeze In Stretches

Whittle your middle by squeezing in some tone-up exercises throughout your day. Light stretches like reaching up towards the ceiling or out to the sides can help your muscles relax while burning a few extra calories. If you would like to take things up a notch, there are several easy workouts that you can incorporate while seated at your desk (should you find the time in your busy schedule) to help you shape up without breaking into a sweat.


Sit Up Straight

As you are sitting up straight, your core muscles and shoulder muscles would tighten and be engaged. This aids in burning a few more calories as compared to a slouchy posture. On top of that, sitting up straight will send signals to your brain that creates an uplifting of your mood and hence decreases the levels of fat-storing and stress-inducing and hormone.


Chuckle A Little

Laughing does many wondrous benefits to our body and gut-busting laughter can help increase your metabolism rate. Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes translates to burning 40 to 170 calories so make it a point to crack a joke or two with your colleagues over lunch or watch a comedy that tickles your fancy and hail in those fat busting chuckles.


Take Deep Breaths

You know how it is like in many workouts like yoga, pilates and even barre. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly to help calm your nerves and rid your body of tension from the stress that you are facing. By taking deep breaths, you are able to stimulate a sense of relaxation in your body and mind which helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol — the common cause of sugar cravings and belly fat. Better yet, have a quick session of meditation right at your desk to help clear any fog in your mind. This trick is so effortless, there is no excuse for you not to try; you have to breathe to stay alive after all.


Stick To A Regular

Be on time to satiate your hunger and you will find that belly shrinking in no time. Eating on time can help prevent overeating due to starvation and keep your body away from confusion and secreting stress hormones. If you are one whose life always intervene at meal times, try having multiple small meals throughout the day instead. It will help keep your sugar levels in check and also kill any urge to stuff your face when you finally get some time to eat after that starvation. Of course, be watchful of what you put into your mouth in these small meals too. What good does it do, if you are killing packs of sodium loaded chips and candy bars?


The Takeaway

Though these little tips and tricks are a great start to help you out with busting that belly fat, proper eating habits and regular exercising routines are still the way to go for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body.