Turn to Sour Power for Better Skin

Have you ever seen a video of a baby eating a citrus fruit and saw how his or her face would scrunch up? If you are wondering why our body reacts that way, it is because citrus fruits, in general, contain a high amount of acid that causes you to purse your lips together and squint your eyes. For some of us, we hate citrus fruits to the core, but what is undeniable about these fruits is that they actually do wonders to our skin.

Wondering which fruits fall under this category of citrus fruits? The common culprits like lemons, limes and oranges are some of those that come into mind easily, but the family of citrus fruits also include fruits like grapefruits, pomelos and kumquats.


What Is The Fuss Over Citrus Fruits?

What makes the citrus fruit family special is that they all contain a high Vitamin C content and that actually does wonders for your skin since they combat free radicals, which slows down the skin ageing process. But that’s not all that Vitamin C does, it has the ability to help heal wounds and fasten the building of connective tissues in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin, alongside undoing the damage inflicted by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The citric acid within them is also known to stop bacteria growth and fight against pathogens beneath your skin surface, letting your skin return to its usual glowing self. If anyone is keeping count over the many benefits of citrus fruits, you would know that they really are your skin’s best friends. Without much ado, hit up these three everyday citrus fruits from the supermarket rack to maintain healthy glowing skin.


Healthy glowing skin is a byproduct of you getting your daily dose of oranges. In each juicy orange, you will get a load of Vitamin C which helps remove any unsightly blemishes and hold off the build up of wrinkles and lines on your skin. After you have had your fill with the contents of your orange, the remnants of the fruit do not have to go into the bin. The peel has many uses (aside from it being used for that zesty touch in your cocktails, am I right ladies?). Orange peels can also be used on your skin as a skin whitening scrub if it is reduced to granules, by drying them and grinding them up in your blender. With some water and orange peel powder, you can use it to scrub your skin to make it look more brighter and whiter. If you are not convinced, you could test it out on one of your arms first and compare between the two. Just make sure you have enough for the other arm!


On top of it being a delicious fruit for boosting your metabolism and helping with your weight loss plan, grapefruits have also been known to be great in removing cellulite bumps. Just by slicing a grapefruit into half, you can use the insides to rub over your cellulite-prone areas before your shower. Doing this concentrates Vitamin C onto your skin and improves the appearance of it over time. If you are looking primarily at ingesting it, each grapefruit contains a load of folic acid that improves your kidney health. What a strong kidney does is to help maintain a balanced level of electrolytes that prevents the body and skin from being dehydrated and looking dry and dull.


We have all heard the saying, ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’. But aside from making the best out of your situation, did you know that lemons are actually great in aiding digestion and keeping your bloody free from toxins. Just by adding a trickle of lemon juice into your hot water, you can remedy most skin problems like acne, wrinkles and even rashes, and also keep your body hydrated from the electrolyte-filled drink. A lesser known use of lemon is that its juice can help treat blackheads. By mixing lemon juice and sugar together and using it as a scrub, the sugar would function as an exfoliant to unclog your pores, while the acid in lemon juice would break down oil and draw it off your skin, keeping your skin feeling refreshed.


Last But Not Least

When it comes to citrus fruits, you have to approach them with an open mind since they may come as a rude shock. If snacking on citrus fruits are not your thing, there are plenty other ways you can introduce them into your diet. Either as a salad dressing with olive oil or tiny droplets into your morning drink, there are so many ways to get a burst of citric acid and vitamin C in your system. At the same time, too much of a good thing is never better. Due to the amount of acid found in citrus fruits, it may just erode your tooth enamel when taken in large amounts — especially for those who enjoy sipping on lemon water throughout their day, maybe it is time to start thinking about other ways to introduce citrus fruits into your diet.