Use These Baby Skincare Products For Better Skin

Ever since my sister-in-law welcomed a baby boy to the family, my life hasn’t been quite the same anymore. I am not talking about the incessant cries of hunger that occurs late in the night but how the house seems to be filled with baby products that compete with my own skincare products for table space. There has been an instance or two where I have found myself stealing a glance at these pink bottles of baby cream or moisturiser and felt the urge to lather a tiny bit over my skin. The scent of each smells so heavenly, so pure and reminds me of what innocence would smell like if it was bottled as a perfume. Of course, it goes without saying then that I have spent a few extra minutes at the dressing table admiring these bottles before lightly applying them onto my skin. If baby smooth skin is what you are after, here are a few baby skin care products that you can buy into (regardless of whether you have a baby nephew in the home or not).


Baby Cream

There’s a reason for those soft baby skin and it is all down to the thick and nourishing baby cream. Because of how babies may occasionally get dry skin from the environment around them, the thick cream would help them moisturise right away and create a protective barrier of moisture over their skin. Compare this to your regular adult body lotion, you would find that the baby cream is slightly thicker and has a little sheen that would make your legs and arms look a touch more gorgeous when you are donning your sleeveless tops. Most baby creams do come with a lovely scent that lingers on for a few hours, but if you are not too keen on the scent, there are definitely fragrance-free options that you can go for.


Baby Oil

Baby oil is a regular on most dressing tables because of how they can make your skin so smooth. Because of how there are so many vitamins and minerals in baby oil, they would help feed our skin with those natural vitamins and function as a solid moisturiser to keep our skin soft and supple. While some have used baby oil in the past as a sunscreen, we are sorry to break the news that baby oil does nothing to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. In actual fact, it even amplifies the sun rays and would burn your skin even more so. If you use baby skin on your skin, be sure to apply sunscreen over it!


Baby Wash

The great thing about baby wash is the fact that they are so gentle on our skin while giving us an effective cleanse. Something great about baby wash is that they generally do not create a lot of suds. While suds might make it look like you are getting a deeper cleanse, it is far from the truth and those bubbles that you see are just an illusion and they have even been found to have sulfates that would strip the natural oil away from your hair and skin, making your hair brittle and your skin dry. Baby wash is also found to be great for your face. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a baby head-to-toe wash from a generic brand could be used as an effective facial wash. Because of how gentle baby washes are, the thin layers of our skin would not react wildly to them.


Baby Wipes

An unconventional product that I sometimes use when I get lazy is baby wipes. Not only are they gentle, but they also provide you with a deep cleanse when applying or removing my makeup at the end of each workday. In a matter of seconds, I can have my face cleansed with just a single sheet of baby wipes, even at those hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and along the nose. As compared to other make-up cleansing facial wipes that might burn those who have sensitive skin, baby wipes are much gentler and are usually hypoallergenic for those who might have to deal with skin allergies. Not to mention, baby wipes are much cheaper as a whole and when you break them down by the cost per wipe, they amount to around a few cents for each piece. When your skincare routine could rack up hundreds of dollars each year, every cent counts!


Baby Powder

Because of how we might get icky with sweat when we head out for lunch, baby powder is best for those who wish to keep our skin dry and fresh even on those extremely humid days. You can apply them in the areas where moisture usually happens like at our armpits or near our genital areas. For those who have lost weight quickly and have folds in their skin, these are areas where heat rash can happen when it gets too humid. Baby powder would be great in keeping those areas dry. It has also been found that you can use a pinch of baby powder as a dry shampoo if you have lighter hair to keep your hair gorgeous and clean as ever. Something that you should look out for is how it might colour your hair a lighter grey tone and that might not be the best look if you are off for an important meeting.