Using Colour Psychology In Your Everyday Life

Green with envy, caught red-handed, white lie, tickled pink. These are just some of the many colour-coded phrases and idioms you might have heard throughout your life. And there is a reason for that!

Colours often exude and symbolise specific traits, which is why they can sometimes affect our mood and purchasing decisions. After all, you can’t enter a sombre, black-painted room and expect to feel upbeat and ecstatic (unless that is your thing, then hey, we’re not judging).

While your feelings about colour are often deeply personal and rooted in your upbringing, experiences or culture, colours can generally evoke certain emotions and represent unique attributes. Here’s how you can tap into colour psychology in everyday scenarios.


Exude Confidence: Black

While black may represent ominous or sombre situations like death, it is also an impactful colour that exudes power, confidence, and a sense of mystery. This is probably why most luxury vehicles are abundantly available in black. Wear black the next time you are giving a presentation or speech to feel and appear more confident. Another bonus about black? It is a very slimming colour and can give the illusion of a more slender figure!


Freshen Up: White

White is commonly associated with freshness and cleanliness (think about all the advertisements for fabric products, soft pillows and linen). If you wake up looking tired and only have time for minimal makeup, don a white outfit to freshen up your appearance. Likewise for when you have guests coming over, decorate your house with white ornaments or swap your sheets to white. White is also a modern-looking colour, so it can help to add elegance and sophistication.


Job Interviews: Blue

Blue is loved universally and typically induces a positive response from both men and women. As blue is very calming, it is the safest colour to wear for job interviews. Navy blue is great for a first interview as it exudes stability, trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue also indicates that you are a team player, which is what most employers would like.


Office and Computer: Green

Commonly associated with nature and sustainability, green is very pleasant and does not strain the eyes. People often look at greenery to take a break and rest their eyes. However, if you do not have the luxury of a scenic view, you can consider choosing a green desktop or painting your office walls green. As green is not warm like orange or yellow, the room temperature may be perceived as cooler than it really is. Overall, green can be a good colour to boost your productivity.


Date Night: Red

Bold and attention-grabbing, red often projects passion, sexiness and confidence. This striking hue is a hot favourite for luxury and sports cars. It’s also the perfect colour to wear to get your date’s heart racing!


Workout Gear: Orange

Orange is a wonderful combination of red’s passionate aura and yellow’s joyful vibes. You can often find this bright colour in high-energy environments, such as indoor fun parks, gyms, and even restaurants. As it is a stimulating colour that invokes enthusiasm, you can try incorporating orange into your workout outfits to encourage energy. If you find orange too jarring, you could always just get an orange sports bottle instead!


Emanate Health: Yellow and Pink

A well-balanced diet is good for your health, and it shows! In fact, when you consume a good range of fruits and vegetables, your body will inherit plant pigments called carotenoids, which can give your skin a healthy yellow tonality.

The colour pink can also give off a healthy, youthful appearance. It is exemplified in the term “in the pink of health” and reflects why so many women love putting on blush to get rosy cheeks! If you want to glow, throw in a vibrant yellow or soft pink into your outfit.


Meditation: Purple

While royal purple symbolises wealth and royalty, the colour purple typically exudes a sense eccentricity, mysticism and magic. This is probably why you see psychics and gypsies using this colour, especially in movies. Purple is also referenced as a colour that stimulates creativity and brings balance and stability. Purple amethyst crystals are often used to promote feng shui and spirituality, so having them in your space can help you during meditation and quiet moments.


Marketing Designs: Brown

As it stays true to the colour of earth and soil, brown is commonly associated with strength, security and dependability. Due to its natural-looking shade, brown also exudes a conventional and down-to-earth vibe and provides a little warmth compared to other dark colours like black. Many big brands, such as UPS, A&W, Louis Vuitton, and Dreyer’s, have incorporated this wholesome colour into their logos and products. If you want people to identify your company or product as one that is reliable, you can use brown as a signature colour in your branding and marketing.