Water Sports For A Splashing Good Time

Singapore’s tropical climate of endless summer all year round makes perfect opportunities for one to indulge in a healthy dose of sun, sand and surf. Apart from the usual swimming, canoeing, kayaking and diving, there are many other water sports that can promise water babies a sense of exhilaration while working up a sweat. Think windsurfing to water-propelling jet blades and more exciting water activities that get you your dose of vitamin D and more reasons to don on swimwear without a worry in sunny island Singapore.


Aqua Spin

Ditch the grandma aqua aerobics for this high intensity work out that aims to boost your cardiovascular fitness and body shaping journey without stressing your joints. Like aqua aerobics, aqua spin makes use of the buoyancy, pressure and resistance of water to provide support to working muscles and joints. The workouts are more varied compared to a spin class where you get on a stationary bike and get going on a series of workout routines. On top of the cycling aspect, you will also be working your biceps, triceps and may even be executing a series of sit-ups while attempting to lie on the seat with your feet on the handlebars. Should you be concerned about being a non-swimmer to take part in aqua spin, rest assure that you can,  but do inform the instructors conducting the classes so that they can keep an eye on you for safety reasons.


Stand-Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling is actually an ancient form of transportation, and you probably have guessed, on water bodies like lakes, rivers and more. It has recently resurfaced and reformed as a recreational sport. It tests your balance, agility and works all the muscles in your body while you sail across the water. Stand-up paddling basically requires the participants of the sport to stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves to cruise through the water. Well, just paddling on water may be a real bore to many hence it is not unusual to have the workout accompanied with sightseeing trails, races on large rivers or rapids and even fishing.



Navigate through obstacles on your water ski that has its rope handle pulled by an electric-driven cable instead. This is a twist on the classic water-skiing, cable-skiing. Although watching the professionals zipping around the lagoon and perform some cool spins and jumps with their skis may make wakeboarding looks real tough, it is actually a fun and thrilling option to the traditional water skiing and can be a fun challenge for those who are used to other water sports. If you are concern about being a beginner, don’t worry! Instructors would be there to help you out and ensure a smooth session when you sign up for a go at this thrilling and adrenaline pumping water sport.



If you are an adrenaline junkie, windsurfing may just be the thing for you to enjoy that heart-pumping rush. Windsurfing requires the person on a board to be wind-powered across the water, controlled by a sail attached to the board. It uses wind instead of the waves to propel forward, hence you can practise the sport wherever there is a big body of water and wind. It combines elements of surfing and sailing and many that participate in it enjoy performing freestyle jumps, spins and loops while at it. It was one of the hottest sport in the world during the late 80s and early 90s.

Though there is a longer learning curve that you will need to overcome as compared to other similar types of action sports like skateboarding, it is actually very satisfying when you grasp onto how you can steer the board to your every whim.


Jet Blading

The sport that is clearly the magnet for hot-shot adrenaline junkies that seek a way to jet off to infinity and beyond like buzz lightyear, by the means of water. It is an exhilarating experience that employs a device powered by water and water pressure to help you gain a height of 30 feet in the air. Jet blading can help to hone your balance and puts your agility to the test. The sport is not for the weak hearted but totally awesome for beginners that desire to defy gravity.


Canoe Polo

If you are looking at a team water sport, canoe polo is one option that you can explore. You may have probably heard of or played a game or two of water polo. It is rather similar in terms of the basis of the sports game, and that the players are now on a kayak. Canoe Polo is more similar to its land version of the sport where horses are ridden instead. Polo combines ball handling skills with a contact team game. It is made more challenging with the need to be able to steer the canoe well. If you have been playing polo, why not up your game with canoe polo with your teammates and give this aqua version a try?