Wear These Colours To Feel Less Stressed

Colours play a vital role in our lives more than we know it. Did you know that colours could actually sway your thinking, change the way you act and cause you to have different reactions? Similarly, you don’t have to even doubt how colour can even irritate or soothe you, raise your blood pressure or even suppress your appetite. Does anyone remember the stereotypical idea of how flapping a cape in the colour of red before a bull would cause it to fume with rage? When used in the right ways, colour can also be used to make you feel less stressed. In the workplace, this would be extremely useful when tempers might flare and tensions might build up. Take, for instance, the colour red. While it makes a bold statement, it could also be extremely overpowering to you and others, causing stress and anxiety to creep into daily encounters.

Unless you work in retail where a uniform is needed, how about expressing a little creativity with the colours in your wardrobe and make the workplace environment into a stress-free area. Read on to discover these four colours that you could try incorporating into your outfits for work.



As a colour, green is one that perfectly encapsulates the idea of nature and lush greenery. Because of how it seems to correlate with nature, including that colour into your work outfit is sure to help you stay grounded while boosting your creativity and even supporting your growth throughout your work week. In a study done by psychologists, they discovered that the colour green is actually great in helping us open our mental processing that would allow us to tackle creative tasks better. As a style guide, this colour may not be the easiest of colour to match if you like bright and spunky colours. What you can do is to throw this colour with other neutral tones like brown and white to tie the colours together.



While the first thoughts that often come to mind when we see the colour pink are of femininity and love, the colour pink is also associated with moods of serenity and peace. This is because pink is a non-threatening colour that puts others at ease and allows them the chance to get in touch with their nurturing side like how a parent would show to their child. A study done in a prison in the United States seems to suggest the same as well after it was discovered that the use of a cell painted in the colours of pink actually helps calm down angry prisoners. If you are hoping to introduce pink into your outfit, add on a touch of black or navy blue into the mix.



The colour yellow has been closely associated with yellow for the longest time just like how Little Miss Sunshine is and when adopted in the office, you will find the workplace that much brighter, vibrant and more optimistic. If you are looking to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe, try it as a contrast by matching it with colours like black or grey to bring the colour out. As an additional note, the colour yellow is amazing in the hours just before bedtime since it has been found to stimulate the release of endorphins, which is a natural stress reliever released by the body, for the body. Put on a yellow top or some yellow fuzzy slippers and you would start finding yourself having a better quality of sleep, ensuring that you do not cause your face to bloat up and get dark eye circles the next day.



The colour white is a favourite colour for most because of how it seems to embody the feelings of quiet, calmness, tranquillity and peace perfectly. When you look at the colour, you start visualising new beginnings and clean slates and when you wear it, it helps with maintaining a clear mind, enabling you to think with awareness and clarity when making the important decisions at work. An excellent way to wear white would be to think in monochromatic colours. What you should be looking to bring out are clean, sleek and sharp lines to make your office wear as stylish as possible.


Final Note

It is hard to imagine what the world would be like if there was no colour and thankfully there is a full spectrum of shades that we can use to express ourselves. Because of how colours and emotions are so closely linked, we ought to start rethinking our outfit choices every day. When you choose the right colours in your work outfit, you would find yourself more motivated, calmer and more focused over the course of your work week. While not everyone reacts to colour the same way as you would, try playing with the different colours of the rainbow and you would start observing how it influences you and the people around you on a personal level.