What An Egg Fast Does For Your Body?

Fasting is one of human’s most complex and intricate inventions and it mostly revolves around the abstaining or limiting of certain food items in their diet. For thousands of years, this has been the case for either religious or health reasons and you can even consult the scrolls of the ancient Egyptians to verify this. This trend of fasting has seen a wild jump in recent years as most consider it a quick way of losing weight. You have your apple juice fast, your intermittent fast, your alternate day fast and even your 5:2 fasting diet. One that seems to have spiked in popularity is the egg fast but instead of abstaining from eggs, this diet plan seems to involve eating more eggs? Read on more to find out about this interesting diet plan.


What Is The Egg Fast?

Plain and simple, an egg fast is a short-term diet plan that is based around a diet of mostly eggs, cheese and butter. This seems to be invented by in 2010 and it has had some avid followers who enjoy this restricted ketogenic diet. Why I say that is because it is a diet that involves high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. Of late, ketogenic diets have experienced a surge in popularity after it has been found that ketogenic diets encourage our body to go into the metabolic state of ketosis in which it starts utilising ketones instead of glucose for its energy needs. This is great news for us especially for those who have encountered a plateau in their weight-loss journey. That is when your fat loss progress just stops after some point of time and this ketogenic diet would help you break through this plateau.

There are indeed a few rules to this egg fast that typically happens for about three to five days and it would require you to consume at least six whole eggs a day, partake in your meals despite not being hungry and to consume a tablespoon of butter or healthy fat for each egg that you gobble up. Unfortunately, because of the nutritional load that this diet contains, it isn’t suitable for all especially for those with medical conditions like diabetes and eating disorders.


How It Works

This question must be on your mind especially when considering the amount of eggs and calories that you are consuming. To break it down for you, weight loss is possible with the egg fast because of how the diet would induce the state of ketosis in your body. When your body has very limited access to glucose, your body tries to make do by making ketone bodies out of fat and utilise them as fuel for energy. For ketosis to happen, you would have to eat 50 grams of carbohydrates or lesser each day and to get the rest of your caloric needs from a high-fat and moderate-protein diet.

Soon after, you would notice that you would lose weight and this is because of a number of factors. Firstly, the diet would encourage and promote feelings of fullness and this prevents you from binging or snacking. Secondly, it severely restricts your food options and this limits you from adding unhealthy food and unnecessary calories into your diet. Thirdly, when you increase your protein intake, you would find yourself gaining more muscles instead of weight. As a way to lose weight fast, this would be a quick plan to get you to your goals.


Benefits Of An Egg Fast

If you are new to this interesting egg fast, let’s get down to the benefits that it might bring to you.

Encourage Belly Fat Loss

Something that most struggle with even when maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the difficulty in ridding your body of belly fat. Also known as visceral fat, this is actually not something you should look past since it is a risk factor for diseases like heart problems and diabetes. What has been found is that ketogenic diets like the egg fast actually burns much more belly fat as compared to other low-fat diets. As strange as it sounds, the research has been done and it showed how participants in a study across three months lost about 21% of visceral fat as compared to a 4.6% loss on a high-fibre and low-fat diet.

Help With Losing Weight

Because of how this diet restricts the food options you have, the limitation on the amount and variety of food would naturally reduce your daily caloric intake. If you are having troubles trying to stop all the snacking and gorging over the course of your day, this egg fast would certainly push you towards that goal. Similarly, as it falls under a ketogenic diet, you will find that it would help with maintaining muscle mass, curb your appetite and help with losing fat.

Reduce Insulin Resistance

There might come a point when your body might find it hard to respond to insulin, the hormone that regulates your blood sugar and that is when insulin resistance occurs. Several lab studies have uncovered that ketogenic diets may be helpful in reducing one’s insulin resistance and this would equip one with a better ability to manage one’s blood sugar levels. In the study, test subjects with type 2 diabetes were able to bring down their insulin by three quarters after keeping to a ketogenic diet. Something to note is the duration of an egg fast. Because of how short it is, an egg fast might only temporarily reduce your insulin resistance and some long-term change in your life is needed to maintain those results.