What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles?

At any given time, there is bound to be a time where you will be plagued with dark circles under your eyes. Though the people close to you will dismiss the severity of it, dark circles, whether they are faint purple shadows or dark blue smudges can be an embarrassing situation and it can make you appear older than your actual age. There are plenty of ways that both adults and children can develop dark circles underneath their eyes, with sleep deprivation and excessive drinking of alcohol being some of the most common reasons.

As you age, undereye puffiness (also known as bags or puffy eyes and dark circles underneath your eyes) will become more prominent. It is usually a problem that does not require medical attention but the question that begs to be answered is, how do you get rid of bags under your eyes?

To answer this question, we have to first find out how we get these unsightly bags. There are many causes, but it is usually a result of weak and sagging skin tissues around the eyes and eyelids. The weak and sagging skin tissues will cause fluid to accumulate underneath the eyes, creating puffiness underneath the eyes and swollen appearance. If you already suffer from sleep deprivation and poor lifestyle choices, things like seasonal allergies, eczema, water retention and sleeping face down can further aggravate the condition.

Let’s take a look at the causes and possible reasons why you develop under eye dark circles and the treatment methods to eliminate them.


Undereye Dark Circles Causes

While a nice cup of warm coffee and shower can help you mentally recover from a sleepless night, the telltale circles underneath your eyes is an indication to every one of your tiredness and fatigue.

When you wake up In the morning or after a long day at work, you may notice smudges or shadows under your eyes. However, skin experts and doctors have defined that dark circles can appear on both adults and children. The dark circles take up the shape of uniform, round areas of dark pigmentation which appear under both eyes.

If you are experiencing tiredness, your skin can turn dull and dehydrated resulting in hollow areas under your eyes. The hollow areas will allow for dark blood vessels and tissue underneath your skin to show through. As the skin under your eyes is thin and delicate, it will be especially susceptible to signs of ageing and damage. One such example is sleeplessness, which can cause fluids to accumulate around your eyelids, puffing them up so that dark shadows are produced on the areas under your eyes.


Treatment Methods To Eliminate Dark Circles

If you have bags underneath your eyes, it is likely that you have gone online in search of treatment methods to eliminate dark circles. From bad habits to home remedies, you can find properly treat them once you identify the underlying cause of it.

1. Take Care Of Your Allergies

When you begin to develop allergies, you will probably be well aware of it as allergy seasons and watery, puffy eyes start to appear. Therefore, consider natural remedies such as essential oils which can help you manage and prevent them even before they start. Besides this, it may be helpful for you if you have a small vial of allergy essential blend with you. This allergy essential blend is especially helpful since some allergies can creep up when you least expect.

2. Limit Your Salt Consumption

Salt is used in plenty of our daily foods as it helps to enhance the taste of our food. However, salt is usually linked to high blood pressure. But are you aware that sodium can cause fluid retention and lead to under eye puffiness? If you intend to use salt, consider substituting it with pure Himalayan sea salt, but only a bit. Also, it will benefit you when you avoid foods that are high in salts such as pizzas and certain soups served by restaurants and cafes. Instead opt for fresh vegetables, in particular, celery which can help you curb your salt desire.

3. Get Moving—Exercise Those Bags Away

If you want to look for a natural way to reduce the signs of ageing and promote youthful glow to the skin, there is nothing better than exercising. Exercising is considered as one of the best natural remedies to lose weight as well as the dark circles under your eyes. Your skin will also benefit from special facial exercises. One such exercise is yoga for the face, which involves slow exercises to tone and tighten the facial muscles. Facial yoga involves various facial expressions and pressure which works the muscles in your face. When exercising, some light pressure is being applied from your fingers, which acts as resistance. There is also regular yoga which can benefit both your body and face as well. Look at inverted poses such as shoulder stands and backbends, which can help increase circulation to the face and carry away excess fluid and relieves swelling.