What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Your clothes can reveal plenty about the kind of person that you are, whether you’re the type to dress sensibly, enjoy experimentation, or meticulously curate a classically styled wardrobe. Believe it or not, every sartorial choice you make unveils characteristics of yourself, or at least, allows others to form certain impressions of you. Find out what your own wardrobe says about you and how you can use it to improve your odds.


Colours Paint A Thousand Words

What sort of colours do you usually wear? Are you part of the majority who leans towards blue? If you wish to project a stronger sense of dependability, then you’re on the right track. When it comes to your wardrobe, colours play one of the most impactful roles in fostering a certain psychological influence on others. Although our reactions may vary, most of us do tend to share similar perceptions towards some colours. Here are some instances:

Boost Your Dependability With Blue

A true crowd pleaser, shades of blue have had a long-established ability to instil calm. Psychologists also find that people associate efficiency and level-headedness with the colour blue. One only needs to spend a single day in any business district to understand the prevalence of blue power suits, particularly the darker ones. If you instinctively dress in blue hues more often, you quite likely value the sense of security that it offers. Business formal outfits in dark blue are also an excellent choice for job seekers who wish to project greater dependability and confidence. Find out more on how to dress appropriately for most offices without getting bored.

Generate Creativity With Green

Shades of green are most commonly associated with nature, rebirth, and creation. Hence, people who usually opt for green tend to subconsciously value these traits. You may be interested to learn that green outfits may also be quite useful at steering attention away from angry, red zits, especially since this colour may be found on the opposite end of red on the colour wheel. Find out more about green and its ability to foster creativity and reduce stress.

Radiate Vibrance With Red

If you gravitate towards reds, you are seen as someone who is driven and vivacious. There’s no subtlety when it comes to these colours. It doesn’t even require scientific research to find that red is among the most appealing of colours. A vast majority of people are more likely to be more attracted to people who wear red, particularly bright scarlets. This is a colour you might want to wear to a hot date, for instance, especially if it’s someone you really like.

The Power Of Black

Commonly associated with darkness, people who wear black more often may simply value its straightforward simplicity. Black is technically the absence of colour, which quite likely explains its versatility. To others, however, black may make you appear closed off and less approachable due to its ability to exude power. Some people in positions of power may wish to dress in black to project an air of authority and confidence.

Approachability Of Light Pinks

Love feeling pretty in pink? You might be seen by some people as a person who is kind and more compassionate than most. Indeed, the colour pink lends the wearer with an increased air of approachability. Pink is historically associated with femininity in most societies, but perhaps more accurately, it’s a colour that’s soft and comforting.


Feminine, Masculine, Or Gender-Neutral

Although the lines with regard to gender-coded outfits are now beginning to diminish, they may still uncover certain aspects about a person. For instance, someone who leans towards a wardrobe that’s packed with pastels, lace, and florals is perhaps more traditionally feminine. If this is more of your speed, you are quite likely more in touch with your feminine side. People like yourself usually leave on others an overall impression of thoughtfulness or gentleness.

However, steering clear of traditionally feminine clothing doesn’t necessarily make you less of a woman either. In fact, gender neutral clothes are fast gaining acceptability today. You may, instead, be the sort of person who opts for power suits or clothes that are tailored in clean, gender-neutral lines; power and ambition may then be a huge part of your personality. Alternatively, you simply lean towards an instinctive refusal to conform — and that’s okay.

Consider the numerous female pioneers and their tendency to wear clothes that were always more traditionally masculine. It’s been historically noted that women strategically used their wardrobe to gain and rise above social status that was limited to them as a result of their gender. Plenty of times, though, these women actively chose to wear such clothes purely because they were sensible. Imagine having to put on a full-length gown every single time when a simple pair of trousers was always going to feel far more freeing. Whatever you choose to wear makes you who you are — own it!