What Packing Lunch From Home Does For You

Part of the fun about working in a vibrant working environment is the lunch hour that happens everyday. You hear the bee knees in each of these hour-long bonanzas and you get to venture out to sample new food at noon each day. But the problem with having your lunch outside of the office is that we may not find our lunch choices the healthiest of all when a group decision is made. This means that you have to either settle down with your food from elsewhere and eat alone or go with the majority and have your unhealthy meal. Have you ever considered what you would do if you were to get your entire team to start packing your own lunches from home? Here are four reasons you can take up to your colleagues on why packing your own lunch is a much favourable choice.


Power Of Choice

The power of choice is a scary one since it could easily land you into disastrous outcomes depending on what your mood of the day is. There are days when I would find myself in the queue for salad but because of how there are variables like the number of people in the queue or the lack of seats in the food hall, we find ourselves being forced to make the switch to something a tad more convenience. When convenience is in the equation, it could mean sacrificing your health or even your desired choice of food. A thoughtfully packed lunch does away with all that and lets you forgo any temptations that might come your way on the way back to the office (ever stop short in your tracks by froyo or bubble tea after lunch?)



To add to our previous point, a packed lunch is meticulously packed and that means that each ingredient that goes into it has made the cut of healthy eating for it to be included in it. Another beautiful point about making your own packed lunch is that you control what goes into the food you make. If you are someone who hates picking out the shell when you bite into a prawn, you can maintain your cleanliness at lunch by getting your hands dirty with it during the preparation process. All the same, if you are allergic to certain food items like nuts, you have greater control over your homemade pad thai and will be less likely to worry when you are the MasterChef to your daily meals. The way you portion your meals would also be changed for the better. Have you ever ate over your limits just because you didn’t want the food on your plate to go to waste? Being the master of your own packed lunches means you get to control how much goes into your Tupperware each day and that means an easier time if you are hoping to lose weight.


Savings Galore

We don’t have to dig deep into how packing your lunch can save you loads. Despite the numerous lunch deals and credit card promotions that you get while eating out, nothing beats the savings you would reap from spending your hard-earned cash at the grocery store and fixing your own meals up. On average, a week’s worth of meal could cause you $40 to whip up compared to the $40 that you might potentially splurge on with an executive lunch set. While eating your lunch at the common pantry with your friends might not be as cushy as a table at your favourite restaurant, that money saved could go a long way in paying off your credit card loans from all those fancy meals at lunch or even to a new year-end vacation.


Snacking Easy

Packing your own lunch doesn’t only have to be for the main meal since that could include snacks for those long hours between lunch and dinner. If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up to quell your hunger but not fill you up, you can very easily do so by making your own snacks. A few ideas would be to fix yourself a trail mix of nuts and dried fruits or even some whole grain crackers with cheese to power you through those slower afternoons. What you should be looking to do is to put lean proteins together with carbohydrates to keep you going with lasting energy.


Final Note

Making the effort to eat healthy is something that should weigh heavy on your minds. The thing about a healthy and all round lifestyle is the need to make better choices over your diet since it could very easily affect your health with obesity-related health issues, like stroke, waiting to pounce on you. Even if you rather not make the effort to fix your own lunch, give a nudge to your colleagues each time they propose a restaurant that would derail you from your goal of staying healthy. When everyone’s on board with going healthy, the office will continue to be a fun and buzzing environment to be in.