What The Location Of Your Pimples Tell You

Pimples have no timetable over when they are scheduled to pop out. They just do and we cannot do much to stand in their way despite what we have on our plate. It could happen just before a big meeting with your superiors or even the night before a first date and while we have our own little secrets and hacks to cover and conceal them, they still bite back in their own ways by growing twice the size and looking as bright as a beacon on your face. But recently, I found out that there is something that we can do to predict and prevent the next pimple breakout from happening on our face and it lies in the theory of face mapping. You might want to pull out the memo pad and start taking a few notes.


What Is Face Mapping?

Face mapping is a theory which suggests that the location of our acne could offer answers over the reason behind our acne. This comes from a similar stream of thought in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that the weakness or problems in a specific organ in our body could cause reactions in other parts of our body and the appearance of acne showing up on certain areas of our skin are just one of those examples. We will focus on the four areas of our face; our forehead, between the brows, the cheeks and the chin.


Acne around the forehead region is largely linked to our digestive system and it could be down to some difficulties that our digestive system is facing when breaking down certain foods. Besides that, it could also be a sign of liver issues, stress or even an abnormal sleep schedule. To remedy or prevent the appearance of acne on your skin, the use of digestive enzymes like bromelain or the consumption of papaya prior to your meal might help give your digestive system an easier time breaking down your food. Something that cannot be understated is the importance of good quality sleep. What you should be looking at is 7-9 hours of deep sleep, that is uninterrupted sleep without any distractions or moments of wake in between.


A primary reason for the pimples sprouting around your cheeks could be down to your daily commute. If you come into contact with polluted air for hours a day, you might find that your skin health would take a beating. But the pollution from traffic isn’t the only main contributing reason, did you know that the air in our homes and office could be just as damaging to our skin? Suspect it is such? Something that you could do to improve the quality of air in your environment is to introduce plants that clean the air in your home. It doesn’t apply to all but bacteria could also be a reason why you are getting pimples around your cheeks. Because of how often we use our mobile phone, the chance of bacteria or germs transferring unto our face is much higher. Something that you could do is to use bacterial wipes on your phone or to use the speaker function or earphones to take your call. At the end of the day, it is important to cleanse your skin thoroughly to ensure those contaminants do not stay on your skin.


Pimples near the chin could signal a change in your hormones and it could be because your time of the month is looming. In the days before your period comes round each month, make a note to be more attentive to what you eat since the food you eat could have an effect on your natural hormonal cycle. It is also important to ensure your skin is nourished well in this part of the month and that starts with being vigilant through your skincare routine. While we might not notice this last point, we might actually be transferring oils from our fingers and hands when we rest our chin on our hands when we are tired at work. This bad habit could be one of the reasons why those nasty pimples pop up at the underside of our face.

Between The Brows

It is no coincidence, the motivating reason behind the acne near your eyebrows could be down to your fast food lunch the previous day. It has been discovered that greasy food that is commonly found in fast food are associated with pimply skin in that area. More than food, it has been discovered that alcohol could be another reason as well. Each of us would react differently to the effects of alcohol so don’t be surprised if you emerge from your hangover the next day with a few new friends at the area near your eyebrows!


Final Note

The best way to stop the number of pimples appearing on your face is largely down to the careful maintenance of your diet and skincare routine. If you have an iron-willed mind and start making the change to your lifestyle, you would start seeing signs of your hard work in no time!