What The Time Your Breakouts Happen Tells You

It is true that there are a million and one articles out there on the net detailing how you can treat your pimple outbreaks, but the same cannot be said about the cause of your acne breakouts. Did you know that the timing of your breakouts actually says a lot about its cause? Whether it happens in the morning, afternoon or night, there is a distinct reason for it. Read on to find out more. If you haven’t checked out our previous article which explains how you can discover the reason behind all your pimple outbreaks based on the location of where they are on your face, do take a read and keep your face clear of these pesky outbreaks.


Why Track The Time Of Your Breakouts?

As mentioned in our previous article, the theory of face mapping explains how the location of your acne could let you in on the reason behind your breakouts. Just like in traditional Chinese medicine in which weakness in a certain organ could result in aches or pains in other parts of your body, face mapping follows that same line of thought. To determine the cause of your breakout, you need to put on your hunting cap and start putting out your best Sherlock impressions. The time of your breakouts is another line of information that would offer you information on why you are breaking out in pimples. To stop these breakouts from appearing, you will have to start making positive changes in your lifestyle today based on the time of day these acne starts appearing.


Have you ever stepped out of bed and found a pesky little friend introducing himself to you in the mirror? Most pimples that form over the course of the night (these are the ones that you didn’t notice the night before) are a result of your bad skincare practice. It could happen due to a variety of reasons but the one that stands out the most is if you have accidentally forgotten to treat your skin to its usual skincare regime before bedtime. At times, because of how tired we are after work, we fall straight into bed without removing our makeup or cleansing our face and that is only going to end badly. That dirt, grime and makeup stay deep within your pores and this would cause pimples to start appearing overnight.


Are you seeing the early signs of a pimple forming in the afternoon? That could be down to your hormones and it could be a sign that you are near the start of your menstrual cycle. Another reason behind the appearance of a pimple in the afternoon could be your makeup or moisturiser. After your cleanse in the morning, your face should be good to go for the entire day. Thus, a likely reason could be of the ingredients in your makeup or moisturiser like mineral oil, propylene glycol and dimethicone which generates a barrier that traps bacteria beneath your skin and that would raise your chance of a breakout.


Because of how your skin has been exposed to all the pollution and contaminants in the air while you are at work, you have to keep in mind that all those debris and dust are still on your face. Since they have been sitting atop your skin for the longest time, it might just cause a few pimples to pop out. What you can do is to jump straight into the toilet the moment you get home and to wash your face and apply a new coat of moisturiser. It might take some time getting used to it since you are all drained out following a day out, but when you create a habit out of this, you are more likely to follow through and keep to your skincare routine.


Final Note

Instead of finding out the best way to cure your acne or even to conceal those unsightly pimples, what you can do is to be more mindful about your skincare routine. Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’? When you start to pay more attention to how your skin reacts to certain stimuli, you can shield your skin from other skin issues like pigmentation, dark spots, sunburn, pimple scars and even acne. Another thing that you should look out for is to determine the sort of pimples they are. The occasional acne that pops up unannounced is fine and it could be down to stress, but if you are observing new pimples making an appearance on a much more frequent basis, you need to start inspecting your skincare routine to determine what it is that is causing this outbreak. For some, that could involve the radical change of your diet since acne outbreaks might be caused by the things you eat like fried and greasy food items.