What To Prepare For Date Night

Preparing for a date can be tough… anxiety creeps in, butterflies in your stomach, or perhaps you are just worried about the complexion of your skin. You may be a married couple, a couple who has started a new relationship or a single guy/girl preparing to go out on a date with your crush. However, going out on dates are meant to be fun! In fact, this is the opportunity for one to start dressing up! We truly understand the difficulties during date nights where celebrities and movies also depict the difficulties about date nights!


Getting Ready For Date Night

Prior to date night, a girl is bound to want to look as good as they possibly can – dieting, grooming, choosing the perfect dress, hair styling, applying makeup, finding the right accessories and fragrance!

You ought to feel lucky if your date night happens to fall on a weekend or you have taken a leave. However, if you are going on a date straight after work during the weekdays, pack an extra bag of clothes, hair products, perfume, makeup to keep yourself fresh. Pamper yourself during this date night as you may not know when the next one might come!

No matter the date – Dinner, movie or a concert, always remember to be yourself, don’t set high expectations and put any unnecessary pressure!



We always hear girls going on a strict diet regime ahead of their dinner date. However, it is recommended that you grab something light and freshen up afterwards so that you will not end up feeling disappointed when the meal does not turn out as delicious as you had expected it to be or you start the date with a growling stomach, getting cranky, or worst of all ending up overeating. Try some fresh fruits or vegetables which is light on the stomach and also good for your skin complexion.



Preparing for a date can be tough… but for ladies, removing of unsightly or unwanted hair is understandable as they seek to impress their date with their smooth skin. Be sure to moisturize your skin when you shave to prevent any skin irritation or pluck your eyebrows.


Choosing The Perfect Dress

Yes… Possibly the toughest part for all girls, the perfect outfit for the perfect date. It is important to know the location of the date as it will dictate the outfit girls will wear. However, it is also important to feel comfortable just as it is to dress up. Whether it is a long dress paired with a heel or casual jeans with a sneaker, you should aim to look glamorous and comfortable at the same time.



Thinking of trying a new style you saw in a magazine or your idol? – Save it for next time! Stick to your tried and trusted hairdo in order to avoid any hair mishaps especially when you have got very little precious time to get ready! Some tips from us are to do simple hair curling on the ends of your hair or natural hair boosting volume styles. This will definitely not go wrong for girls as you will look great in all the photos.


Applying Makeup

As complicated as it may seem, the type of makeup will depend on the outfit you decide to wear. Consider the venue and lighting when applying your makeup. If you are headed to a venue with limited lighting, put on some eyeliner, smoky eyes and bold coloured lipstick to stand out and a more subtle look if the venue has better lighting. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin before applying makeup to give your skin an even look.


Finding The Right Accessories And Fragrance

From earrings to bracelets or watch, think out of the box and add a sense of personal touch by selecting the right accessory to pair with your outfit! When it comes to fragrances, go for the tried and tested. However, go for a subtle scent if it’s your first date as preferences will differ.


Preparations. Preparations. Preparations

Be sure to prepare yourself! Find out the location, travel duration, review of the restaurant and recommended food. Does your phone have any battery to last you through the night? Keep your parents, colleagues or friends informed of your date night to avoid unnecessary texting on your phone! Some word of advice prior to the date, eat light, cleanse your skin, steam your face, use a toner and moisturizer, pamper yourself with a mask, protect your skin with sunscreen, SPF30 or higher and use a primer before using makeup if you find your foundation settling nicely into your pores. A good primer will leave your face smooth and eliminates uneven skin tone.  Lastly, avoid using your phone as your date might get the wrong impression that you are not enjoying the date as much as he does!