What To Wear For This Coming Beach Party

From embracing the body hair to going fully bare, what a person decides to do with his or her body fur is now a widely accepted beauty trend. If you are male, some of the most common hair removal places are around the face, but there are also new hair removal trends among men which include the underarms, legs and chest. As for the other gender, women generally remove almost every area where hair grows, apart from their scalp. After all, for many years, it is considered a social norm for women to remove hair from their body in order to look attractive.

From the past, the same standards do not apply to men as they do on women. Instead, men with a certain amount of hair on their face, body and legs are considered attractive to some women and a projects sense of masculinity. However, there was a shift in trend as an increasing number of male celebrities and models began turning up with hairless bodies and legs. Some have even gone on record to admit that they manscaped their bodies and legs regardless of the pain and unusualness.

If you have been sitting on the fence on how you would like to treat your hair(be it facial, body or limbs), to remove or to sculpt them for some extra attractive appeal, we have some tips right below for you to consider and help you decide on how. Read on!


Hair Grooming Methods For Your Body And Legs

It is inevitable that everyone has an opinion on body hair, in particular, the amount and place of it. Of course, our body and facial hair are dictated by the fashion trends and lifestyle, which has a bigger influence on men compared to women. In fact, there are men who remove hair from their body and legs for athletic or performance reasons. You can see this manscaping trend among professional athletes like the swimmers, bodybuilders and cyclists.

If you have decided to remove or trim your body hair, you are in luck as there are various hair removal methods available. Thankfully, we have come a long way from the rudimentary razors of the past. In fact, modern hair removal and grooming methods are much easier and less painful. So, we have compiled some basic hair removal methods for you.

A common and popular hair grooming method, shaving trims and removes hair from your body and legs allowing you to see immediate results. You can shave the hair from your skin with a myriad of razors, either with a manual or electric shaver. Before you begin shaving, ensure that you are using a good quality shaving gel or cream and shave in the direction of the hair growth, instead of against it.

Another body hair grooming method you may consider is trimming. A natural trimming method may be your best option if you aim to trim the hair and not eliminate it. When trimming, consider using a pair of hair cutting scissors for longer lengths of hair around your body, underarms and face.

With increasing popularity due to the hairless results after each session, waxing is one of the most popular hair grooming methods partly due to its effectiveness. As there are different types of waxes for different areas of the body, it is important to know what you are getting into when you opt for a waxing treatment. From home kits to visiting a professional aesthetician, there are plenty of waxing treatments available like sugar wax and styles of waxing, like the bikini, Brazilian, among many others.


What To Wear

No matter how we feel about our body image, there is bought to be a feature that we are proud and confident of. From slim, toned legs to broad and defined chest and shoulders, we usually select clothing outfits to highlight our best features and draw attention away from those less desirable areas. With summer coming, selecting the best outfit that flatters your body, and we have some combination suggestions that you may like to consider dressing up in:

1. High-Waist Shorts + Bikini Top + Straw Bag

A trending beach look, this outfit not only gives you a sportier look but a visual illusion of longer legs. If you usually rid the hair on your legs, this combination is quite a no-brainer as you flaunt them at the beach. If you are still clueless of what high-waist bottoms are, they are basically shorts that sit on the waist, above the hips. For a Instagram-worthy photo, pair this look with a straw bag and some sunnies.

2. Maxi Dress

If you opt not to rid the hair or have no time to shave, but feel a little embarrassed about it, maxi dresses or a kaftan over your bikini and shorts is to the rescue. Apart from the loose-fitting, breathable and sophisticated appearance, a maxi can conceal some flaws that you may feel a little conscious about and is perfect for summer parties or a casual day out.