What You Wear At The Gym Matters

When you shop, which do you prioritise more? Is it fashion or is it comfort? For most of us, chances are, it is a bit of both since we want to look our very best yet retain that level of comfort to go through our day. The same dress to impress and comfort is king mentality also applies at the gym especially when considering how scientists have discovered that there is a link between the clothes we wear and our performance levels. It has been found that when we dress well at the gym, it actually motivates us and spurs us to reach greater heights. If you still aren’t convinced, read on to find out how paying attention to your outfit at the gym could make you a stronger and fitter person.


Trick Your Brain

Did you know that when you pick out your favourite outfit to head out, your mind experiences what is called enclothed cognition? That is the positive or even negative vibes that you get when you wear certain clothes that you think accentuates your figure. If you start paying more attention to what you wear at the gym over an oversized t-shirt and shorts, you might just be subconsciously changing the way you act. The next time you hit the gym in a crop top or in your racer-backs, notice how your body seems to feel more confident and that might just give you the extra motivation and focus for you to work on your gains.

Some sports psychologists have compared this to how wearing new fitness wear at the gym might trick your mind into thinking it needs to get into character like how an actress would require before going on set. This actually asks your brain to be more mentally prepared for the task on hand since a better performance is expected of you. And of course, when you have your sporty activewear tucked into your bag at work, it just makes it so much more exciting to jump into the changing room after work and show the gym your fancy workout attire.


Improve Your Performance

More than just a mental boost to motivate you to go to the gym, what you wear can actually have a significant effect on your workout performance. Whether you believe it or not, the shoes you wear to run and the shoes you wear for work have different profiles. On your running shoes, they arch higher than usual and that would thrust you forward with each stride you take. Similarly, some shoes offer you better traction and air cushion around the heel for you to go longer and harder on the treadmill with more stability. It is not just the shoes, running shorts and even biking shorts have been equipped with little cushions around the bum area to make your workouts a little bit comfier.


Prevention Of Injuries

On top of helping us boost our performance, when you buy into activewear, you are looking into the protection that it offers as well. If you are working out in the all-summer heat of Singapore, what you should be looking at is breathable material that helps to wick sweat and keep your skin cool and dry throughout the workout. A few materials that you should look out for are synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon that would fare poorly when it comes to absorbing moisture. Fancy them as pants? They might not be the best option since they can easily trap heat and the mixture of heat and sweat would cause acne to worsen and even invite heat rash.

When it comes to the prevention of injuries, we can look to most athletes and their love for compression wear. Why it is so popular is because of how putting them on would help increase the circulation and blood flow to our heart and that delivers more oxygen to our muscles. It is most apparent after the workout when your muscles would be less sore and you would be less likely to feel fatigue due to how compression wear helps bring down the accumulation of lactic acid in your body.


Final Note

You really need to choose and shop wisely the next time you go buying your workout gear. Before you splurge on an entirely new ensemble, remember that comfort is as important as being trendy and fashionable. While we wouldn’t suggest you to trade style for comfort, it is possible to strike a balance. Because of how activewear is such a thing now, fashion labels have made accommodations for the working women to find comfortable gear that doesn’t make them stick out like a flashing traffic light. As a final tip, it is really advisable to start going down the route of light and breathable fabrics that would keep you cool throughout your workouts. Those low-quality active wear that utilises fabrics that irritate the skin are the ones you should steer clear from.