What Your Lippy Shade Says About You

Your lips can say more about us than we know.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for instance, the condition of our lips can help to reveal any number of potential ailments that are related to, say, blood circulation, temperature and the health of our organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen. For instance, overly red lips are a sign that your body is overheated and can mean that you are about to fall sick.

But did you know that the colour of your lipstick can also convey a certain message about you? Let’s find out the way that each of these colours helps your lips do the talking.


Pretty in Pink

Pink, in general, is the colour of health. When you apply a rosy hue to your lips, it helps you to achieve a youthful, radiant glow for your overall complexion. There are, however, many varying shades of pink, and which one you choose can leave behind a very different impression.

Take sweet baby pink, for instance. The colour exudes gentleness and cuteness and presents you as someone who loves all adorable things, and who has a soft spot for little kids and tiny puppies. So if you are constantly told that you come across as too unapproachable and you want to soften the edges a little, this may be the colour for you.

Hot pink, on the other hand, oozes fun and spontaneity. This hue implies that you like walking on the wild side and are open to new experiences and adventures. If you feel like you need a little excitement in your life, flirting with this bright lippy shade may be an excellent place to start.


Off the Beaten Path

When you pick a completely unexpected colour—we’re talking about shades like yellow, purple, green and blue—you are essentially telling the world that you are a creative person.

You are someone who is imaginative and who doesn’t enjoy doing things that are within the box. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if you say that you are a painter, photographer, graphic designer or cartoonist.

When you wear an offbeat hue, you are saying that you are on your own path and you aren’t concerned about following conventions. So if you’re not in the mood for someone else’s opinion, put on some green lippy and others may think twice about dishing out any unwanted advice!


Go Bold with Black

While black is a trendy colour for nails and lips at the moment, this popular goth shade is hard to pull off. If you are one of those people who can easily rock this dark hue, it is likely that you are someone who is confident, opinionated, bold and tough. It also probably means that you are somewhat of a daredevil and have a wicked sense of humour (but aren’t easily amused).

You are probably not interested in pop culture or anything generic, either; instead, you favour indie and obscure music, movies, books and men.


Simply Nude

A woman who adorns her lips with nude, beige or taupe lipstick hues exudes sophistication and calm. What you see is, literally and figuratively, what you get. Your relationships are usually serious and genuine and you have zero interest in making superficial connections or small talk.

Neutral shades are a great option if you feel the need to be taken more seriously at work or by people in general. The colour helps you to emanate confidence and dependability, and you are more likely to come across as someone who can handle a challenge without any problem.


Sexy Burgundy

This wine-coloured hue spells seduction. It says that you enjoy life to the fullest and are able to live in the present moment. When it comes to romantic relationships, you enjoy being wooed and romanced; being wined-and-dined is a definite must. It’s so obviously the perfect shade for date night!


Peachy Keen

Peach (or coral) is a happy, feel-good shade of lipstick. When someone has on a peachy pout, they come across as open, kind and generous individuals. These are the people you want to have around when things get rough because you know they’ve got your back.

If you ever need a listening ear, look for the lady wearing the peach lipstick.


Audacious Red

Red lipstick isn’t for wallflowers—unless you are a wallflower who wants to project confidence and power.

When you wear a bright red, the message is loud and clear; you are comfortable in our own skin and your own abilities. You have no intention of blending into the background and are someone who is fearless and ready for anything that comes your way.

If bright red is your go-to lippy, you are probably a passionate and sensual being and have no issues with being admired by the opposite sex.

However, if a subtle shade of red is more to your liking, it shows that you prefer not to draw too much attention to yourself; in fact, there may be an air of mystery about you. You have untold depths but because of your modesty, it takes longer for others to get to know the real you.