What Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You

If there is any part of your body that can reveal how well it is doing or if you are lacking any essential vitamins and nutrients in a glimpse, it would be your nails. Your bare fingernails may just be the map to guide you to any underlying symptoms of bigger health problems that may be lurking in your body. Do not be blindsided. All you have to do is give a little more attention to and look at them from time to time.



Love nail art? It may be the cause of yellowish stains on your nails. All you have to do is wipe off any nail polish and give your nails a chance to recover. You may want to consider getting a nail care serum to help nourish your nails with essential vitamins, like B12.
Your yellow-hued nails could also be caused by your habit of smoking. Simply by holding the cigarette with your fingers through the sessions of puffing would transfer tar and nicotine particles to your fingernails and the surrounding nail bed.



A sudden change of nail colour to blue or purple is a sign of oxygen deprivation. This lack of oxygen is usually caused by poor blood circulation to your hands, feet and ears. This symptom can be reversed easily by warming the area of concern or by massaging.


Brown or Green Shades

The natural colour of your nails is a healthy pink tinge. If you notice them turning brown, it may be the case of a thyroid disorder or malnutrition.

While green may be the favourite colour of Mother Nature’s, it should not be the outlook of your nails! Green-tinged nails could be telltale signs of a serious fungal nail infection, nail psoriasis, tuberculosis or even jaundice. It is advisable to seek professional help to get it sorted out.


Unusual White

It may be the case of Terry’s nails if you find your nails white. There are three possible explanations to it: Firstly, it could be a fungal infection. If so, you would spot reddened or dark fingertips surrounding the nails. The second possibility could be a broken nail that is hindering your blood supply in the nail bed. Lastly, it can be a possible side effect of chemotherapy.

Terry’s nails may also be an indication of a major illness, like diabetes, organ failure, anaemia or iron deficiency.


White Striped

This is an indicator of a disorder. White stripes found on your nails would usually mean that there is a lack of protein in your diet. This can be easily resolved by eating fish, eggs, quinoa, nuts, seeds and lean meat.


Thick or Fast-growing Nails

If you notice that your nails are discoloured and are growing faster than usual, you may be suffering from a major fungal infection that would put your health at risk. Thick and fast-growing nails are common symptoms of psoriasis or arthritis. Stop whatever you are planning to do tonight and go see a dermatologist instead.


Detached From Nail Bed

You may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance, if your nails are detaching from the nail bed without any pressure or injury. You may think of it as a minute issue that would go away. But it is always better to be safe than sorry, as these symptoms are similar to a serious condition where your thyroid gland is producing hormones at a rapid rate, creating a surplus for the body. Whether it is the former or latter, do consult a doctor to reverse these hormonal conditions and prevent any deterioration of your health.


Soft & Shaped Like a Spoon

This symptom of soft nails that appear scooped like a spoon is a sign of an excessive amount of iron in your body. It is also common to see these signs as a possibility of heart disease and anaemia too.


Dry & Brittle

Frequent trips to the pool for a swim, the use of nail polish remover and washing with harsh detergent would cause dryness on your nail plate. This causes your nails to become soft and brittle. Strengthening your nails can be as easy as ABC, by topical application of over-the-counter serums that are rich in Vitamin B7. Alternatively, wearing gloves when you know that your hands are going to be in contact with harsh chemicals, like dishwashing, would help.


White Spots

Sightings of white spots are relatively harmless. They are usually caused by minor trauma, such as having your finger caught in the drawer. If you have heard of the common belief that it is due to the lack of calcium in your body, it really isn’t the case. So rest assured, if there are no other symptoms that are found, other than the white spots.


Horizontal Ridges

Liken the shoreline mapped by ocean waves, these horizontal ridges may be caused by direct trauma or simply the timeline showing the number of instances that your body paused and focused on developing other parts of your body. The back-and-forth of pausing and returning to growing nails by your body create the ridges. Hence, if you are worried, do review your diet and lifestyle to make them better.