What’s The Deal With Oxygen Masks?

We are not going to paint a prettier picture here… if you haven’t heard of skincare products that are oxygen infused, you are certainly behind time! It doesn’t matter what age you are now or what skin type you have, a good skincare regime is a necessity to crystal clear skin and these oxygen-infused products are an important thing to consider if you are truly on the path to obtaining beauty skin. After all, oxygen is a necessity since we can’t live without it! But in addition to giving us the much-needed sustenance that keeps our lungs from burning up, oxygen is also crucial for our skin.

Of late, there have been many videos surfacing of these fascinating masks that seem to transform into a magical white beard of bubbles all over your face. These masks are called oxygenating face masks and perhaps what seems to get people off their seat to try one of these is seeing how the bubbles froth into existence. It is no doubt mesmerising, but did you know that these bubbles are what would give your skin its beautiful glow?


How Do Oxygen Masks Work?

Oxygen masks or bubble masks work around the many proven benefits of oxygen when used in a laboratory or hospital setting. When used right, oxygen actually helps any skin laceration heal faster by increasing and improving the circulation of our skin. This is when more cells move to those areas to support our skin in its recovery. But the thing is with age, that level of circulation drops and oxygen is what helps with that. When we inject our skin with oxygen (in non-surgical manners), our skin’s circulation increases and with that, our skin would retain its elasticity and plumpness.

While it may seem like a crazy beauty fad, how oxygen masks work is by first cleaning out our pores by expelling all the dirt and oil just like other masks. But a few minutes in, you will feel a tingly sensation of bubbles over your nose and cheeks and this is why oxygen masks surpass the other purifying masks — these little bubbles are what causes your skin to stay hydrated, clean and refreshed. How do the bubbles come to be then? That’s a terrific question and it is all down to the formulation and ingredients within the mask and when they react with the oxygen in the air, those tiny little bubbles start foaming up. But it is not just a funny sight to behold, the bubbles actually function by enabling the key ingredients like those that fight free radicals to dig deeper into the skin for a penetrative effect.


Benefits Of Oxygenating Masks

There has to be a reason why beauty bloggers and beauticians are choosing these oxygenating masks as their rejuvenation tool of choice. Even if you have sensitive skin, these oxygenating masks provide a light but deep exfoliation on your pores due to the concentrated oxygen. Once you start including these beauty masks into your skincare routine, you will look younger and fresher, with its anti-ageing results showing up in no more than a few weeks’ time. Here are three benefits to these wonder masks, take the time to read through them and consider investing in them for radiant skin.

It Helps Treat Inflammation

Especially for those who spend long hours in places where air pollution exists, oxygen masks are a life-saver. This is because oxygen itself has healing and antibacterial properties that would be great in fighting inflammation. If your skin is prone to acne breakouts and similar skin issues, oxygenating masks help to lessen the extent of your inflammation and nurse your skin back to its healthy self. On the other hand, those who often have to make sales calls or meet clients outdoors would love oxygenating masks since they would help to lighten dark spots and pigmentation.

It Helps With Skin Repair

Oxygen plays a vital role in skin repair. When we mix oxygen with active ingredients, our skin’s capability to heal is activated and sped up — all those blemishes or wounds that are too tiny for our human eye to notice would be blotted out and smoothed over naturally by the rejuvenation of our skin cells. Similarly, if you struggle with the appearance of your visibly larger pores, oxygenating masks help clear out all the excess oil and dirt in your deep pores and that would help minimise and shrink your pores on its own.

It Nourishes Your Skin

Oxygen is not the only beneficial ingredient in these masks. Most masks are kitted out with other ingredients that feed, cultivate and strengthen the skin like the amino acid l-arginine or charcoal. These additives work to your benefit by drawing out the bacteria, toxins and other micro-particles to the topmost surface of the skin before sweeping them out when you rinse your face.