When You Shower Matters If You Care About Hygiene

Each of us has our own preferences of when we enjoy our nice shower. For most of us, those five to 10 minutes in the shower room is our temporary moment of bliss where we can just undress and leave our worries by the door. But did you know that when you shower actually matters? Experts have found that the timing of your shower could actually affect you more than you know and it could affect the health of your skin and hair. Since showers are when we maintain our hygiene, perhaps you should start taking note of when you shower and our pointers below of when is the best time you should jump in and shut the shower curtains. Take what you want from this article and know that we are definitely not trying to impose a rule on when you can take your refreshing shower. Regardless of whether you believe in this article, a shower at any time of the day is better than no shower at all. Trust us on this.



This is something that most of us do since we like to start our day on a refreshing note. Some people might disagree with the habit of showering in the morning since they believe how they will get much dirtier over the course of their day out, but why showering in the morning is recommended is because of how we often sweat throughout the night. Even if you are one who enjoys the air conditioning turned on to the maximum, your body might still sweat under your duvet and that could draw bacteria to those parts of your body. Showering in the morning has also been found to be extremely uplifting and allows you to gather yourself before you start your crazy hectic day. This could just put you in a clear mindset for you to seize the day and make you less likely to get stressed out and put you in the crosshairs of acne.


Midday Shower

The midday shower might just be the most redundant one as agreed on by experts considering how you are very likely to find yourself exposing your skin and hair to the pollutants in your environment like dirt and dust over the rest of your day. If you are not planning to take another shower just before you go to bed, you are taking those nasty germs and spreading it around your nice and clean sleeping environment. Sure, it might be invigorating and refreshing to have one in the cool afternoon heat, but it might seem futile if you are not taking another shower late in the evening.

The only exception to a mid-day shower is if you have just gone through a massive workout session at the gym and are waiting for the green light to get a shower at the gym. By all means, take that midday shower. Not only is it good, but a shower after your workout should also be a necessity since all the sweat and dead skin might just invite the overgrowth of bacteria and yeast onto your body. Those bacteria are no joke since they would only spell trouble and cause acne and body odour — when the bacteria on the surface of our skin digest our sweat, it actually creates a very musky odour that we commonly know as body odour.


Night Time Shower

This is the best time to have your shower and we have the reasons why. If you want to be on top of your hygiene, the nighttime shower is the queen of them all since they eradicate all the germs on your body and that means jumping into bed clean and free from all the germs from your day out. Because of how a shower would cleanse and clear your pores from all the debris and dead skin, you would also find your quality of sleep much improved since your body does not produce any excess sebum oil that would arise from clogged pores.

What you should definitely avoid when bathing at night is the bad habit of sleeping when your hair is still wet. While it might be a hassle to air blow your hair, sleeping with wet hair could actually result in mildew and bacteria growing at your scalp and hair and even cause it to be damaged and dehydrated. Another thing you should avoid if you enjoy your baths hot is the habit of taking long showers. When you take showers that are longer than a quarter of an hour, your body starts getting energised by the amount of heat and instead of relaxing your mind and body, you might find it much harder to fall asleep.


Final Note

It is a habit that some of us have but the habit of bathing twice a day might not be the best for our skin health since the act of lathering and showering actually strips our skin from all of its moisture. If you have to shower twice because of the unbearable heat, make a reminder to care for your skin by moisturising post-shower to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out.