Why Brushing Your Teeth Right Is Worth It

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth and maintaining oral hygiene since it has been drilled into us since our kindergarten years. I remember those mornings when I would have to bend over a drain in preschool to get all the food bits out of the nooks and crannies in my mouth but I never once understood why it had to be such a time-intensive process. Over the years, the minutes I spent hung over the sink became seconds and while I would blame it on myself, it really is the morning rush that happens each day before work.

Recently, I chanced upon an article that detailed how brushing teeth actually was more than just for aesthetics. A recent scientific study founds links that associated gum disease with Alzheimer’s disease. While there are many factors that contribute to a higher risk of gum disease like genetics, smoking and one’s diet, poor oral hygiene is a rather important concern. Since then, I have taken much more of an interest in my oral hygiene and have discovered that there are many more reasons to brush your teeth. So here it is! It has taken me nearly a decade to understand the importance of brushing your teeth and I hope you don’t take as long with this article!


The Importance Of Brushing Teeth

It is not uncommon for most of us to only brush our teeth once and that is to keep our breath minty fresh in the morning, but it is just as important to brush twice a day. Read on to discover why you absolutely need to brush twice a day.

Keep Your Breath Minty Fresh

As mentioned, the brushing of teeth keeps your breath minty fresh. If you do not, you might find an accumulation of food bits and bacteria in your mouth and when they build up, it results in bad breath. To prevent the build-up of bacteria, you can aim to do that with regular brushing to maintain the breath of fresh air from your mouth and prevent the embarrassing scenario when your friends give you the side eye.

Prevent Gum Problems

Poor diet is one of the reasons why you have a buildup of plaque and it includes many other factors like genetics, skipping your dental appointments and even smoking. Most of us have a level of plaque build-up, some are much higher while some are much lower and most of these plaque are caused by leftover food that has not been brushed or flossed each night. This results in bacteria that cause plaque and tartar to form between your teeth and your gum line and when it stays for an extended period of time, the bacteria could irritate your gums and cause inflammation and bleeding of your gums. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you ought to be consistent in your brushing of teeth twice a day and for two minutes each time to remove all the bacteria from your teeth.

Keep The Stains Away

Because of our diet, stains on our teeth might just arise. Some prime suspects of stain-causing food are red wine, coffee and even dates. To prevent the discolouration of your teeth, a low-abrasion toothpaste would surely help to remove the stains. A good quality toothpaste is understated but it should be made a necessity since certain toothpaste that are of a lower grade might just strip off the enamel that coats your teeth.

Improves Your Overall Health

You might not realise it but what goes on in your mouth has an effect on the many other parts of your body. Did you know that your oral health could affect your risk of heart attack and stroke? This is explained by the chronic inflammation that happens with gum disease and it could cause hardened arteries and that might raise the possibility of heart attack or stroke.

Saves You Money

We were trying really hard not to pull the money card out but it is what it is. When you start paying more attention to your oral hygiene when you are much younger, you are less prone to gum infections, toothaches and all those unfortunate reasons you need to ring up your dentist for. Take your regular trips to the dentist and maintain your good dental practices of brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Your diligence in your early years would help you save on those hefty costs of implants and even periodontal treatments.


Final Note

It is important to keep your teeth shiny and clean. When others look at us, they gravitate to our face and our beautiful complexion, our lovely gaze and our gorgeous smile are just a few things the mind subtly picks up to create their first impression of us. When you mesmerise strangers with the beauty of your smile, who knows what that might do for their day? Make today the day you start picking up your toothbrush regularly.