Why Genmaicha Should Be Your Next Tea Obsession

Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese tea mix that usually consists of green tea and roasted brown rice. It is affectionately named the ‘popcorn tea’ as the rice grains puff up and takes the form similar to popcorn when roasted. With a nutty and enjoyable bitter taste aftertaste, this earthy tea is soothing and makes a great addition to your list of drinks to enjoy any time of the day.


Health Benefits Of Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha can contribute to boosting your general health with the different ingredients present in it. The tea is rich in polyphenols, vitamin B, fibre, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and more. Read on to find out what they are and how drinking it regularly can contribute to the betterment of your health!

Regulates Thyroid Hormones

The thyroid is a gland located near your neck that helps create essential hormones for your body. To help regulate thyroid hormones, your body would need a vital mineral—selenium, and selenium can be obtained by consuming brown rice. It is necessary to have a good intake of selenium to help keep problems like fatigue, dry skin, muscle weakness, poor vision and sleeping problems at bay.

Improve Blood Flow

Though selenium has an important role in regulating thyroid hormones, it also plays an effective role in improving blood flow and lowering the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Assist In Weight Loss

As one of the amazing antioxidant found in genmaicha tea, EGCG can help in increasing the function of catecholamine in your body and in turn assist you in your goals of shedding some weight. Catecholamine is a type of hormone that is associated with stress-related situations or muscle contractions. A healthy amount of EGCG consumed regularly can help you to suppress appetite and increase the rate of fat burning in your body. However, this does not mean that by simply drinking genmaicha, one can miraculously have you dropping pounds in an instant. A balanced diet and lifestyle are important to achieve the best results in an effective weight loss process.

Rid Toxins From The Body

As a well-known natural source to help you eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body, green tea makes up at least 30 per cent of the ingredient list of genmaicha. This makes drinking genmaicha one of the alternative ways to enjoy a different cup of tea and reap the benefit of detoxifying your body. The polyphenols in green tea also aid in fighting free radicals and discharging toxins from your liver.

Improve Brain Function

Give your brain a boost to focus with the caffeine present in genmaicha. Be it the aromatic black tea or green tea mix, the caffeine acts as a stimulant to help increase dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain. This chemicals in your body are responsible to give you the feeling of being more awake, alert and feeling less moody. Therefore, the next time that you find yourself experiencing some brain fogginess or dozing off right after lunch, reach out and brew yourself some genmaicha tea for a quick perk me up!

Improve Sleep

If you need a little help from the sandman but cannot get in touch with him, genmaicha may just be your key to ease into some quality snooze. Genmaicha contains an active ingredient known as theanine that can help your body and mind relax. However, to enjoy this benefit, it is better to drink genmaicha 2 hours before your sleeping time. If not, you would probably be wide awake due to the caffeine in the tea. Alternatively, you can get decaffeinated versions of this hearty brown rice tea for this relaxing purpose.

Reduce Bloating & Improve Digestion

If you are experiencing bloatedness or suffering from poor digestion, a cup or two of genmaicha can help relieve the discomfort. This is because genmaicha has diuretic powers that can help you rid toxins and excess water from your body. If you are looking at improving the health of your digestive system, make it a point to have a cup of this tea after your afternoon meal and watch it work its magic!

Promote Youthful Skin

As mentioned above, EGCG, a potent antioxidant present in green tea can alleviate oxidative damages to your body that are caused by free radicals. Joining hands with carotenoids,  ascorbic acid and selenium (essential to produce your body’s most abundant antioxidant, glutathione), your skin gets to benefit in the reduction of ageing symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. This means attaining youthful skin is within your means by sipping on genmaicha daily.

Help With Ridding Bad Breath

Swap genmaicha with your daily coffee to help get rid of the after-drink breath (which can eventually develop into a serious case of bad breath over time). The antibacterial properties of genmaicha are effective in putting a stop to the growth of the bacteria that is responsible for bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases.