Why Solitude Isn’t Such a Bad Thing: Part 1

Love is a beautiful thing. Who in their right minds does not want to love and be loved? However, love and relationships sometimes do not turn out the way we fantasise them to be and you should never let this minor blip in your life pull you down back into the sands of time. Instead, you should rejoice and exploit fully your single years. Here’s why:


You Need Not Compromise On Comfort

Imagine coming back home after a long day’s work filled with back to back meetings only to have your partner bugging you for a meal or having to clean up the mess after dinner. On bad days, you would have absolutely no energy to even fight over the blankets during the course of the night, much less muster the interest to whip up your partner’s favourite meal after getting home from work. And you are certainly not going to take part in your boyfriend’s fantasy of 50 Shades Darker by having to don the ridiculously tight silky underwear that he loves so much on an almost daily basis just because it turns him on.

If you are single, take heart, as your solitude is saving you from these unnecessary shenanigans and places you in a much more comfortable setting. As a matter of fact, several studies have shown that staying single is one of the best ways to ensure that you clock in a good night’s rest every single time (pun intended). Unsurprising really, considering the fact that you do not have to deal with fighting over bed space or the volume of the air-conditioning, or worse, the occasional 3am quickie when your boyfriend is having trouble sleeping. Furthermore, as many of you are aware of, those who clock in their six to eight hours of sleep and have a regular sleep-wake pattern are more likely to have stronger immune systems, a more robust cardiovascular health and a significantly reduced risk of developing diseases like stroke or diabetes as compared to those who don’t.


Your Life, Your Call

No two individuals are the same. Their tastes and likings may differ, and those who have been or are currently in a long-term relationship jolly well know how utterly annoying it can be at times. Your boyfriend may be looking forward to just relax and enjoy a great Barclays Premier League match on a Saturday night, but you are also bent on catching up with your Korean drama series on Netflix on the big screen in the living room. So, what happens next? The two of you begin jostling for the remote like two jackrabbits going for a single carrot. And it goes deeper — what you want to have for lunch or dinner when you are out with your partner, what movie genre you want to watch during your Netflix couch date or even the type of music you want to hear on the train back home from the office with your partner — all these seemingly trivial issues may trigger unwanted, petty arguments that are certainly not healthy for the relationship in the long run.

When you are single, you no longer have to worry about these silly little matters because you can do anything that you want, anytime and anywhere. The best part? No one will be on hand to blame you if your choice happens to hurt their feelings. Feel like listening to goth music on the way home from work? Blast your headphones away. Thinking of going shopping on a Saturday night? Never mind it’s a football night, no one is going to stop you from heading through that front door with your apple-bottom jeans and boots with the fur. Enough of putting the needs and likings of others before yours. it is your time now and that is the best kind of freedom a lady can have.


You Will Look Better

More often than not, individuals who are settled down or tied in a relationship tend to fall into the traps of unhealthy habits and, as a result, see their weight balloon up so much faster than it can come down. The weight gain in this scenario is often the direct consequences of dating and courtship. During these phases, couples long and yearn to spend more time with each other and to do that, they normally opt for activities such as movies and popcorn, eating out, late night supper and crashing at their partner’s place for a movie marathon, among others. Some of you may argue that there are some couples who work out together and stay together. Yes, you are not wrong, but those fitness couples that you so often see on your Insta-story are far and few between. Let us be honest — how many of us really enjoy working out and sweating our pits off with our partners during our lazy Saturdays? Not many.

Solitude offers you a brilliant window of opportunity to finally focus on yourself and work towards a better mind and body. Recent studies have revealed that single individuals are more likely to achieve their personal goals and targets, such as exercising regularly and clocking in the recommended amount of daily or weekly physical activity hours that usually lead to a slimmer physique and a smoother and glowing complexion than their married or engaged counterparts.