Why Solitude Isn’t Such a Bad Thing: Part 2

Still reeling in sorrow after you last breakup despite the tubs of ice cream and stacks of tissue boxes that you have collected in the kitchen bin? Well, chin up, girl, because it is time to bring back that cute smile to that pretty face of yours. We bring you more reasons why you should relish your days in solitude instead of wallowing in self-pity.


Catch Up with Old Friends

If you are romantically involved with another person, chances are your personal freedom takes a hit. It is an inevitable sacrifice that everyone has to make. And as such, it is not so relatively easy anymore to hang out and enjoy a drink or two with your old college friends because you will always have to consider your partner and his schedule. Even a quick catch up with your best friend at the nearest coffee bistro seems almost impossible. This phenomenon is not too complex for one to comprehend — couples are bound to want to spend more time together so they can better nurture and strengthen their romantic relationship.

However, when you are out of a relationship, you suddenly find yourself with more personal freedom to be socialising with your best friends and enjoy a ladies’ night out more frequently and to your hearts’ fullest content. Single ladies are also more likely to respond and attend to social events and activities more than those who are tied down in a relationship. This essentially means that being in solitude not only afford you more time for yourself, but also encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, try out new activities, meet new people, make new friends and stay in touch with your old ones.


You Determine Your Own Schedule

What is the best thing about being single? You are fully responsible for yourself. Sound very adult and boring, doesn’t it? While it may sound unappealing to some, being single essentially means that you do not have to constantly check with your partner before making an appointment with your friends or having to rearrange your entire Sunday schedule just because you had a tiff with your snowflake boyfriend and he no longer wants to have lunch and spend the day with you. Enough of all that crap. You determine your own schedule now and there is absolutely no one on this face of earth that is going to hold you back.

Just imagine — you can now have an egg prata in the middle of the night without the nagging of your fitness buff boyfriend, go to the movies first thing in the morning at ten, travel freely to Europe with your best friends and finally get to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Northern lights — the possibilities are almost endless. There are no more limitations to what you can or cannot do. You now play by your own rules.


You Will Be Calmer

Ask anyone in a relationship and most of them, if not all, will tell you that there are time where they hold themselves in certain situations as their behaviours are constantly analysed by their partners and they become consciously worried that one wrong move may affect their entire future together. This pressure that certain individuals set upon themselves only causes them to be more afraid of committing any mistakes that may jeopardise their relationship and subsequently, adding unnecessary stress to their lives.

Being in solitude greatly lowers your stress and anxiety levels as you are no longer constant deliberation over each and every one of your actions. Having lesser stress and anxiety allows you to complete your everyday tasks at your own pace and stride, and over time, learn to better control your emotions. Therefore, when you find yourself at the back of a bad breakup, remember that a not all is lost. Having to deal with zero romantic problems allows you to become a mentally stronger and calmer individual.


Become More Productive

Ever wonder why some of your favourite Hollywood artists, musicians or even authors isolate themselves and get rid of all potential interruptions and distraction when they are working on their new album or book? It is because solitude has been proven to increase productivity and improve concentration for certain individuals. Growing up, you might recall that group of gifted friends who can study and cramp mathematical equations and scientific definitions in a noisy Starbucks café while you have to lock yourself in your own room to have even the least possibility of getting something inside your head. If that shouts you, then you are that special breed that thrives in solitude.

So, while you can no longer have your usual two-hour phone chat with your ex-boyfriend during lunch, the good news is that now you can fully concentrate on your job and get things done in the shortest amount of time possible. And who knows, this might just be the break that you needed to catapult yourself further in your career.