Why You Need To Eat To Look Young

Foodies, rejoice! The secret to staying youthful is in plenty of food within your reach. So many of the tastiest treats in the world contain all the key nutrients needed to keep your skin firm and healthy. Of course, there is a major caveat: you do still need to exercise the right self-discipline in controlling the amount of food you eat. Too much of even the most nutritious food sources may spell trouble that may manifest on your skin and accelerate ageing. That said, approached strategically, the fountain of youth lies in the food that you eat. Here are some reasons you need to eat for you to look younger than you are.


Our Skin Needs Enough Protein

Athletes and bodybuilders are not the only ones who stand to benefit from watching their intake of protein. Your skin is made of cells that are mostly built from protein, which you can easily get from plenty of delicious food. Fret not about buying tubs of protein powder from health and fitness stores — leave those to fitness enthusiasts. You can find all the protein you need for youthful skin from food sources such as meat products, eggs, dairy, bean as well as legumes.

Protein also keeps you fuller for a longer period of time, which can greatly help you control how much you eat. For example, nuts are excellent high-protein sources that you can snack on whenever you feel peckish during the day. Make the conscious decision to switch from gorging on junk food such as potato chips or chocolate bars and you will feel the difference.


Good Food Keeps You Happy

Every now and then, allow yourself to indulge in your favourite food, even if they are less than healthy because your happiness is worth it. Smiling makes you appear more radiant and thus, more youthful to others, and that is hardly the end of it. Even if you fake a smile, the slight mood boost will be enough to get you through your day. Imagine the effect you will feel and see on your face when you enjoy what you eat. By contrast, frowning tends to age you quickly, no thanks to the unsightly frown lines that will appear on your face.

Making sure that you love what you eat can be a perfect way to stay young, just as long you do not go overboard.


Most Food Sources Are Packed With Water

Proper hydration is key to keeping your skin supple and healthy, which means that you have yet another excuse to eat! Water can also be found in most food sources around us, including fruits and even dairy as well as meat products. This means that you can worry less about drinking enough water because your body is able to absorb it in the large intestine when it digests your meals. Of course, you always can help your gut do this by incorporating enough fibre in your diet to encourage healthy bowel movement.


Green Vegetables Help Keep Your Skin Healthy

The next time you feel bad about your eating habits, remember that you can always switch up your regular diet by incorporating healthier options, especially green vegetables. Motivate yourself by keeping in mind that greens are an excellent source of iron, crucial for healthy blood circulation. Haemoglobin in your blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body, needs iron. Without sufficient iron, your body will not be able to function properly and the exhaustion you will feel will inevitably show on your face. That is why green vegetables are such a wonderful way to help you look as radiant and young as possible.

Your parents were right about making sure that you eat your greens.


Get Ingredients Found In Skin Products Directly

Take a look at the ingredients list stated in anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle products. Most of them contain minerals such as vitamin A or vitamin E, which can be easily found in food. If you love your carrots, oranges, and eggs, you are already on your way towards staying youthful because they are terrific sources of vitamin A. Your skin will also benefit greatly from all the vitamin E that you get from eating almonds, spinach, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds.

However, bear in mind that you should always be careful about how much you eat any of these. For example, egg yolks contain high cholesterol. As delicious as they are, you would do well to eat them in moderation. Here is yet another surprising, undesirable fact: beta-carotene in carrots will turn your skin orange or golden-yellow if you consume far too much of it. Most of us will be fine, though; the odds of this happening to your skin are low unless the extent of your love for carrots goes above and beyond!


Plan Your Own Personal Fountain Of Youth

Now that you know the secret to staying youthful, go ahead and enjoy a wide variety of food. You will be more than fine just as long as you know how to keep within a healthy limit. Life is too short for you not to enjoy the little things.