Why You Should Buy Salt Lamps For The Home

I have seen salt lamps like the ones you see on your screen being peddled out of carts by salespeople at the mall. While for some, their insistence over the supposed benefits of their products might seem intimidating, but as I started doing my research on them, I soon realised that perhaps their insistence was just a way of them being passionate over what these salt lamps could do for us. Some of us might associate them as decorative lamps that would plaster your home with a gorgeous pink light that seems to radiate. What I have discovered is that salt lamps could radically change your life since they are believed to cleanse the air, boost your mood, soothe your allergies and help you sleep. More than a third of our lives are spent in the home, be it sleeping, listening to the radio or just being in the presence of the beautiful home that you have built up from scratch. This means that pollutants and all the other bad stuff could just come in between you and your skin.


What Are Salt Lamps?

As clear cut as it can be, salt lamps are dreamt into reality by placing a lightbulb deep within large chunks of pink Himalayan salt. The very existence of when these salt lamp first came to fruition is unknown but one thing that is certain is that most salt lamps are constructed from salt that has been carefully harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine deep within Pakistan. You might think it looks exactly the same as our table salt but that cannot be further from the truth.

Just based on colour, the small amount of minerals that it contains within it are what lends it its tint of pink. Salt lamps work by being natural ionisers, and in layman terms, they change the electrical charge of the circulating air through the ions that they produce.

It is important to learn how these ions work. Ions are basically atoms or molecules which carry a charge due to their make-up of unequal numbers of protons to electrons. They are produced naturally when there are slight changes in the atmosphere like at waterfalls, during storms and natural radioactivity. But what has been found is that they can be artificially injected into the air by ways of air ionisers. It is believed that the salt lamps here replicate waterfalls and storms in the sense that they produce negative ions as they attract the water particles that are evaporated when the lamp heats up. These negative ions are only a good thing for us as they are believed to have many health benefits to them.


Benefits Of Salt Lamps

There are plenty of reasons why salt lamps are so raved about. Read on to understand the three health claims that have got people clamouring after them.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

Doesn’t it make sense that if our air quality is vastly improved, our sleep quality will significantly improve just the same? When the air is cleansed with the presence of a salt lamp in your room, you might start seeing how you will find relief from your allergies and all the unkind particles in the air. Not to mention, the warm glow emanated from these salt lamps are miles better than your usual bedside lamps. This is because the light emitted from the usual lightbulbs are categorised as blue light and they are what would interfere with our circadian rhythm, disrupting our sleep cycles. While you might think that your eight hours in bed is more than enough to keep you energised and refreshed, if a bulk of it is spent tossing and turning, you will likely feel the effects of it the next day, be it in an acne breakout or even dark eye circles that resemble those of a panda.

Improve Air Quality

Salt lamps are believed to greatly boost the air quality in the house and this is especially so for those with allergies, asthma and those diseases that impair their respiratory function. This claim might have been motivated by the practice of halotherapy in the past in which they found how those with chronic respiratory problems had found their symptoms alleviated from their time spent in salt caves. A belief of how this actually works is in how the salt lamps attract all the pollutants in the surrounding air and neutralise them before letting them go.

Improve Your Mood

Some studies on animals have unearthed conclusions that state how the exposure to negative ions in the air may be beneficial in the improvement of mood. It was found that these animals actually had a much-improved level of serotonin and that is the chemical that is involved in mood regulation. Researches also found that those who had depressive symptoms found in their behaviour had an uplifted mood after they were laid bare to a high amount of negative ions.