Why You Should KonMari Your Friendships

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is now making waves in the Asia-Pacific market with her excellent and at times hilarious, organising tips, particularly the one where she suggested to clear out musty old books and relatives (yes, you read it right!) to declutter your home. Though clearing your habitat is essential to help with your mental health being, it actually does help you (your body too!) feel better over time too. Read on to find out more and how you can begin this journey.


Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a professional Japanese organising consultant behind the trending KonMari method of keeping your home space as clean and as tidy as possible without clutter, much like the customary minimalistic Japanese way of life. This technique is proving to be vastly popular among millennials and young couples who are prone to hoarding memorabilia of sorts and other junks such as difficult and tetchy family members.

Creatively spinning her organising concept into witty suggestions that fit aptly into the modern dilemmas that almost everyone can relate to, Kondo offers sage advice for newlyweds who may be inexperienced in managing a household as she urges them to follow their gut when designing an interior layout or selecting a theme for their homes. What if you get tired of it or simply feel like you have made the wrong decision a few months down the road? Fret not, as Kondo light-heartedly suggested to “throw out the furniture and spouse and start again”!


KonMari Your Friendships

There may be messes in your life that you choose to ignore or let slide until you eventually realise that it needs to be addressed immediately, or at least until you chanced upon the trending KonMari way. It may be the stack of old books on your study table, the endless collection of branded face masks and serums to achieve a flawless complexion, the unused bottles of slimming pills for weight loss, and in some cases, your friendships.

Most of you would probably have that handful of friends who simply do not add value or joy to your life, and this may be a good opportunity to apply the KonMari organising concept. Friendships are easy to hoard as it is not monogamous, and therefore, some of us tend to hold onto that bond even when they are more mentally-draining than joy-bringing.


How to Apply the KonMari Method

We recommend that you start off by making a mental stock count of the different relationships you have had in your entire time walking on God’s green earth and thank these people — verbally or mentally, though we’d go with the latter to save potential confrontation — for being there for you through the certain stages in your life. Once you get that done and over with, it is now time to make some cuts. And by that, you do not necessarily need to scroll through all of your 2000 Facebook connections and remove them from your Friends’ list. Instead, take a moment to reflect and think about what exactly do you want or figure out that missing element in your past friendships. Were you deprived of a shoulder to cry on? A confidant? Someone you can talk to at work to get yourself through a hard day? Or maybe a good mix of all these things? Most importantly, consider which of your friends can actually bring a constant smile to your face, or someone who share with you the same personal goals and constantly motivate one another to strive and achieve it at all cost. Now, these are the friends that are worth keeping.

Yes, breaking up with our own friends or acquaintance may sound like an easy feat, but some of us just don’t know how to. You can start by limiting your interactions with them and gradually spend lesser time hanging out with them than before. If they happen to notice the change in you and ask what gives, simply explain to them that your life and priorities are starting to pull you in a different direction. Be polite and gracious, especially to those who meant something to you in the past or someone who has helped you overcome an obstacle in life, as you owe it to them to end it in a dignified way.

Ideally, we would want our circle friends to bring out the best in us but in reality, that is not always the case. There can be certain individuals who drain you emotionally or somehow never fail to trigger the judgemental and unpleasant side of you. The more you spend your time with them, the more you realise you are becoming that person whom you do not want to be. So, start decluttering your personal life with the KonMari method, or at least consider purifying your surroundings. A simple reorganising may just turn your life around.