Will Jade Rolling Benefit Your Skin?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have been aware of the growing popularity of “Story of Yanxi Palace” and “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, two highly popular Chinese television period dramas set in the reign of Emperor Qianlong that have been trending online globally. If you’re sharp enough, you would have seen a small exquisite item in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” that has been exploding all over the beauty scene lately: The jade roller.

Just Google ‘jade roller’ or search for the hashtag “#jaderoller” on Instagram — the results will astonish you.


What is a Jade Roller?

Looking like a smaller version of a paint-roller, a jade roller is made of — you guessed it — a jade stone held up by two ends of a metal handle. There are some jade rollers with two ends: With one end containing a larger sized stone meant to be used on the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck, and the other end containing a smaller stone meant for the delicate under-eye area.

Said to have originated from ancient China and used by the royals, the jade roller is touted to assist with lymphatic drainage and depuffing the skin, resulting in a slimmer and well-defined face.


What Are The Benefits?

The jade roller helps to eliminate facial puffiness as it decongests the fluid found in the lymphatic system, a network of tissues and organs just below the skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste products.

Some of the widely cited benefits of jade rolling include:

1. Reduces Under-Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

You would have probably used chilled cucumber slices or a frozen spoon for those annoying circles and eye bags. Essentially, the jade roller functions in the same way. Jade is a natural cooling material. By rolling the stone around the under-eye area, it helps to shrink blood vessels and discourage accumulation of fluid under the eye areas. Say goodbye to panda eyes!

2. Reduces Puffiness

Do you feel like a pufferfish when you wake up in the morning? One main reason for that is due to fluids pooling in the face when you lie down. To combat that, use a jade roller to de-puff the skin, making it look taut and firmer. Rolling the jade stone over your face can help move along built-up lymphatic fluids under the skin. One tip to boost the power of the jade roller is to chill it in the fridge before use, as the coolness can also help to reduce swelling.

3. Improves Blood Flow

Rolling the jade roller across the skin moves stagnant energy and toxins, stimulates blood circulation and increases the proportion of elastin and collagen in your skin. If you want to reap maximum skin-tightening benefits, put your jade roller in the fridge before use.

4. Relieves Facial Muscles

The pressures of everyday life put a lot of stress and tension on our body and muscles. And this shows up especially in our facial muscles, causing wrinkles and fine lines around our forehead and eyes, creating an aged appearance. The jade roller can help to massage out these kinks and in time, prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely.

5. Better Absorption of Facial Products

Consider using the jade roller, together with your facial oil or serum. The roller helps your facial products penetrate more deeply into your skin, rather than sit on the skin surface.


How Do You Use a Jade Roller?

So you have got your hands on your very own jade roller — how do you use it? First things first: Make sure to use your jade roller on clean, cleansed skin. The jade roller uses massaging motions to help your facial products absorb better into the skin. The same holds true for old make-up and dirt.

The best technique is to work from the centre of your face, and massage it outwards and upwards, in circular motions. Picking your preferred side of the face, place the jade roller in the middle of the chin, and roll horizontally up and outwards along the jawline to just below the ear. Keep a light and comfortable pressure on your skin. This is not a dough-kneading session.

Once done, move up to the nose area, and roll from the corner of the nose, across the cheek, up and out towards the ears.

Place the roller on nose, roll up towards your forehead and then roll out towards the temples.

When you use the jade roller on the eye area, do remember to use the smaller end. Place it at the inner corner of the eye and roll out towards the temples.

Repeat on the other side of the face.

Once you are done rolling, wash and clean the jade roller.

You may choose to use your jade roller in the morning (to depuff your face), at night before bedtime (to work out all the kinks from a stressful day) or even twice a day. Happy rolling!