Will Smart Devices Help You Lose Weight?

2019 is the year of technology and it might seem like it has been such over the past decade. When we look at the daily devices that we use, we would more often than not notice how they are all tech-assisted and are there to make our lives more efficient and productive. If there is one thing that we learned, it is how these tech products could support us in our endeavour to lose weight (remember those new year resolutions at the start of the year?). What we have to say to that is that these smart devices are not going to magically help us drop a pound or two just from purchasing them off the store. These gadgets could help deliver reminders, track your exercise progress, simplify your workout and even give you that boost of motivation to help you get a step closer to your goal.


Smart Scale

Unfortunately, these smart scales aren’t going to deviate much from our regular weighing machine that tells us how much we weigh. But what it could do is to connect to our smartphones and help us determine how our weight loss progress is going via an app. It is a no-brainer that a regular weighing scale would still tell us how much we weigh and how much weight we have lost, but for those who are stepping on the scale each day, this smart scale could shave minutes off your mornings for you to stay on course on your weight loss journey.

This is even more apparent when we consider a recent study that concluded with the theory that the more one weighed herself, the more weight she lost. The theory is associated with the building of habits and the longest that one can go without weighing oneself is 5.8 days and any longer than that would cause you to break from your routine of staying within touching distance of your weight loss goal.


Steps Tracker

If you haven’t noticed, fitness trackers are all the rage and they have seemed to found a comfortable place resting on our wrists. Of late, the Health Promotion Board has given out fitness trackers to each Singaporean under the National Steps Challenge to motivate them into hitting the 10k mark in steps each day. When you get out of your comfort zone and start making an effort to walk more, you would see a much lower risk of heart-related problems surfacing. What these fitness trackers do for you is to spur a little friendly competition between you and your friends on a fitness application on your smartphone. You can start comparing with your friends and family on the application and even join communities to ‘walk’ with thousands of others around the globe. Certain fitness trackers have also been equipped with the capability of offering reminders for users to move when they have been sitting still for too long and that would help you shed those pounds.


Smart Hydration

Isn’t it funny how we never once forget to get our daily lattes from Starbucks but at times, struggle to remember getting our daily requirement of eight glasses of water a day? This puzzling phenomenon means most of us go through each day dehydrated and that could cause us to add on the pounds in the process. A simple change that you can make to drink more water each day is to invest in a smart water bottle that would remind you to drink and track your daily intake of water. On certain smart water bottles, the bottles would glow every hour to remind you to take your sip of water or send notifications right to your laptops or smartphones for you to stay on course and reach your eight glasses of water each day.


Standing Desks

While it is not exactly a smart device, the use of a standing desk should be included on this list because of how much it could do in your weight loss journey. A sedentary lifestyle, like the hours that we spend in the office, has been found to be extremely negative for your health from an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced life expectancy to a higher weight gain. That is why the conversion to a standing desk in the office never appeared wiser. When you switch to a standing desk, you are trading those sedentary minutes with a more active lifestyle. Did you know that aside from keeping you in the pink of health, standing more would actually help you stay more motivated while on the job?


Final Note

To answer the question that we posed earlier, no, these smart devices are not going to help you lose weight but it would definitely go a long way in motivating you to get off your office chairs to a much more active lifestyle and that would be what would help you on your weight loss journey. If the needle is tipping over while you are on the weighing machine, these smart devices would help you make a conscious effort towards a healthier lifestyle.