Will Walking Help You Lose Belly Fat

Whether we like it or not, it is important to exercise regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. By being physically active, it reduces your risk of developing health complications such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. Besides the health benefits, exercising also helps you to lead a longer and healthier life and benefits individuals who want to achieve successful weight loss and maintaining weight loss. Exercise can come in many forms, from something as simple as walking to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) etc. When combining with a healthy diet which only restricts calorie alone, exercise helps to prevent or perhaps even reverse the effects of some diseases.

Belly fat is defined as excess abdominal fat which surrounds the organs in your stomach. In fact, there are 3 types of fat, triglycerides (fat that is circulating in your blood), subcutaneous fat (layer sitting directly underneath the surface of your skin), and visceral fat (the belly fat that is most visible and dangerous). Visceral fat is that deeper fat located underneath the muscles of your stomach that will pose health dangers especially when if it is in excess. Besides sitting there and appearing unsightly, it negatively impacts nearly every organ in your body through the production of excess chemicals and hormones. When an individual gains excess amounts of weight, your body will begin to store fat in unusual places causing health problems. However, it’s normal to have belly fat as even people with flab abs suffer from belly fat. In fact, having some amounts of fat is normal as it provides cushioning around your organs.

To get a complete understanding of belly fat and the impacts it has on your health, consider reading this article further as we expose the belly fat and how walking (a form of physical exercise almost every individual can do) can help you to lose weight and lose those unsightly belly fat.


How Walking Helps Your Health And Weight Loss

Fortunately, walking is low risk, free, accessible to the majority of people and a great form of physical activity. When weight loss and removing belly fat is a concern, it is important to know that spot reduction does not work. Instead, focus on losing weight entirely to achieve successful removal of belly fat. With all the dietitians and fitness experts encouraging individuals to take up walking as a form of exercise if they do not enjoy more physical forms of exercise such as running or swimming etc, it is good to know that walking helps to burn calories, preserves lean muscles, and most importantly remove belly fat.

With tons of available fad diets, gyms, weight loss programs available promising effective weight loss results, the basis of successful weight loss involves increasing physical activity as well as a healthy, calorie-controlled diet. To see long term and successful weight loss, you will have to make permanent changes to your health and lifestyle habits.


Benefits Of Walking To Lose Belly Fat

1. It Burns Calories

For the body to move, think, breathe and function, the body requires energy (in the nature of calories) to produce all the necessary complex chemical reactions. To lose weight, you will have to burn more calories than you consume that is achievable through physical activities. Due to the modern day living and working environment, individuals tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle which inadvertently means that you spend larger parts of the day sitting down, especially if you have an office job which will contribute to weight gain. Nevertheless, an individual’s daily calorie needs will vary and it is affected by weight, sex, activity level, genes etc. For you to get started on a healthier lifestyle and lose belly fat, consider an exercise such as walking which can help in terms of burning calories and reduce the risks of developing health complications. If you would like to burn more calories, consider increasing the intensity of your walks by doing your walks on routes with hills or slight inclines.

2. Helping To Preserve Lean Muscle

Individuals who are intending to lose weight have to cut their calories which results in loss of muscle in addition to body fat. Muscle loss can be counterproductive as fat is not metabolically active compared to muscles resulting in lesser calorie burned each day. To counter the effect of preserving lean muscles while you lose weight, consider exercises such as walking which can help in reducing the decrease in metabolic rate that usually occurs with weight loss. Furthermore, walking preserves lean muscles as it is able to reduce age-related weight loss which can help in retaining the strength and functions of most of your muscles.

3. Burn Belly Fat

Making walking as your form of exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat! With a lot of fat stored around your midsection, this can lead to a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. As a matter of fact, males with more than 40 inches (102cm) waist circumference and women with 35 inches (88cm) and above waist circumference suffer from abdominal obesity, which is considered a health risk. By taking part or adding moderate-intensity aerobic exercises such as walking for 30 – 60 minutes per day, it can help you burn belly fat more effectively.