Winning The War Against Enlarged Pores

Going into a war, you will usually plan the best strategies to counter your opponents. You will research your opponents, make preparations for the arms, personnel and ammunition etc. to ensure that your chances of victory are as high as possible. Similarly, we prepare and use such tactics to prevent any outbreak of pimples, acne and open pores. We do intensive research on how to combat these outbreaks, prepare tons of skincare products and ensure that these outbreaks do not happen again. At times, we start looking at ourselves in the mirror or at the pictures taken and reflect if we could have looked better without those large pores. Being frequently exposed to advertisements from various beauty brands promising us tons of skincare hacks, beauty products and treatments that promise results after using them for 3 to 6 months, we tend to be swayed by them though they sound rather dramatic. So let us dive down deeper into the background of open pores, particularly why we develop them and ways to overcome them.


Facts About Pores

Our body’s largest organ is the skin and it contains millions of pores, mostly invisible to the naked eye. The size of each pore will vary according to one’s genes, age, skin type. These pores, which are open contains a hair follicle that allows the skin to “breathe”. Pores usually appear on one’s face and are bigger especially on noses, forehead, and cheeks compared to other parts of your body. One may develop large, open pores on any skin type regardless whether it is oily, normal or dry causing your skin to be dull, particularly when it is clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin, bacteria etc. Also, a contributing factor to one’s skin well-being and health of each individual’s skin cell is water as it keeps us hydrated.

Having open pores may affect one’s self-confidence and is a cause of concern for many though it does not have any medical implications. For adults or young teens prone to acne, the open pores may be clogged resulting in blackheads or whiteheads. Those with ageing skin may develop larger, open pores as the skin loses collagen. Whenever one develops open pores, it is important to cleanse it deeply so as to remove any excess oil and stubborn dirt. With tight pores, light tends to be reflected leaving one’s skin youthful and healthy-looking. As the oil produced by the skin becomes trapped inside one’s pores, it oxidises and turns the skin darker.

Open pores – a skin problem that many have highlighted being their most troublesome. Knowing that open pores are resented by many, we have put together some self-care recommendations and possible remedies which may make your pores less noticeable and have them minimized after gathering all the beauty tips and tricks from experts!


Reasons That Your Pores Are More Visible Than Others

The biggest reasons for the size of your pores are your genes and hormones and there is seemingly no way you can consciously control how they will appear! However, there are ways to ensure that your pores are as small and unnoticeable as they can be.


Overcoming Open Pores

Keep in mind that choosing the right skin care is essential in preventing one’s skin from breaking out. So, covering up large pores the best you can!

Prime Your Skin

Firstly, choose products that help to prime and smooth the skin to create a smooth and even base for makeup to be applied which will diminish your pores. As our skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed, it is important to remove any skin dryness and clogged pores. Therefore, exfoliating is the key for those with large pores in removing any stubborn dirt from your pores. For those with oily skin, consider using a facial mask, particularly one which is able to remove impurities and tightens pores at least once a week.

Prep Your Skin

Second, prep the skin with a cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin which will remove any oil, trapped dirt, makeup and last but not least, moisturize the skin! Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Prime And Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin

Third, use a primer to cover up any fine lines, wrinkles. Lastly, put on a foundation after using a primer. However, selecting the right foundation is essential. So look for a cream based foundation that has medium to full coverage with oil-controlling properties to prevent pores from appearing.


Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

Keeping to this ritual at least once a week will ensure that the skin is free from any dead skin that prevents skin cell renewal. By exfoliating, this not only allows other skin care products to penetrate deep into your skin but it also prevents pimples, blackheads from forming which ultimately leads to radiant-looking skin.


Protect Your Skin With The Handy SPF

With the harsh weather, particularly the glaring sun Singapore offers 365 days a year, it is important to wear a sunscreen that protects our skin. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays may lead to damaged collagen, which causes one to develop deep wrinkles and saggy skin.


What You Should Start Doing?

Start off with understanding and identifying your skin type! If your job requires you to constantly wear makeup, ensure that you thoroughly remove them to prevent any stubborn dirt, clogged pores etc. Keep in mind that it is important to develop a daily skincare regime which involves exfoliating, moisturizing to prevent any dirt from penetrating into the skin.