Ylang Ylang Is What You Need For Amazing Skin

Widely regarded as the flower of flowers, ylang-ylang is nature’s present to us and these sweet-smelling flowers have captivated our hearts with their beautiful and unique scent. Given the fact that Singapore lies within South East Asia, we are blessed to be in close proximity to these beautiful flowers that populate our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. To determine how popular ylang-ylang is, we do not have to look far. A key ingredient of the Chanel No. 5 perfume is this sweet, floral scent. Have you also ever wondered why ylang ylang flowers are drizzled over the beds of newlyweds? That is because they are thought of as a natural aphrodisiac. How naughty! Let us look at how the ylang-ylang flower could help us attain a better and beautiful skin.


What Is Ylang Ylang?

If you recognise the scent of the ylang-ylang flower, you would probably have come across it in its most common form, as essential oil bottled in little containers. In its true form, the flowers come from the ylang-ylang tree (also called the Cananga odorata) and they are found in the deep rainforests of Southeast Asia in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Sumatra and Java. For us to receive these bottles of essential oil, the yellow flowers are steam distilled for a short amount of time, before they are further distilled again to create stronger fractions that can be used differently. For example, Ylang Ylang I is much lighter thus it can be used in women’s perfumes, while Ylang Ylang II would be more likely to be found in essential oils for its added strength.

It might take a bit getting used to it but how ylang-ylang is pronounced is as “ee-lang ee-lang” instead of with a stronger ‘y’ sound. Try to make a mental note when you enter an essential oils shop to avoid getting red-faced when the sales attendant corrects you.


Health Benefits Of Ylang Ylang

On top of all its aphrodisiac qualities for all you naughty people, you absolutely can’t miss out on ylang-ylang for all that it can do to your skin.

Keeps You Youthful

Ylang ylang is an elixir of life and we say that because of all the antioxidant properties that it carries. What these antioxidants do is to keep those free radicals from causing damage to your cells. When given free rein, these free radicals can radically ruin your body from the inside and you can bet that it would show on the outside as well. What you would notice over time is that your skin would start showing more signs of premature ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. If you are applying moisturiser each night, add a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil and that would turn into an anti-ageing facial cream.

Keeps You Acne-free

A lovely thing about ylang-ylang as an essential oil is that it has wonderful antiseptic properties and that could just be what you need to treat those troubling skin issues away. Have acne, ingrown hairs, rashes, boils or even infected wounds? By dabbing a little ylang-ylang oil onto your skin, you can help speed up the healing of those wounds. A rather common issue that may arise from ingrown hairs is boils! Those annoying little things can be quite the irritant especially when they start hurting when we brush into them. Just by adding ylang-ylang oil and tea tree oil to a bowl of warm water, you can use it as a way to disinfect the affected ingrown hairs and treat the boils.

Induces You To Sleep

By experience, the half an hour before bedtime is one of the most stressful times ever. As you tuck yourself into bed, your mind goes on auto-pilot and whirls itself away from sleep and before you know it, you are sitting up in bed as you start thinking about all the unnecessary questions and matters of the world. Thank goodness for the stress-relieving properties of ylang-ylang oil. On its own, ylang-ylang oil is suitable as a soothing essential oil for the bedroom. Just a drop of it could remove your anxiety and stress to put you in the right relaxed mood for bedtime and that maintains your beautiful skin for the next day. If you are one who often buckles under the pressure of work in the office, a little tip for you would be to bring a small bottle of ylang-ylang oil to keep the stress off you.


Final Note

Find the many health benefits of ylang-ylang promising? Take a little whiff the next time you find yourself in a store that has one of these bottles of essential oils. As with most essential oil, it is best to test how they react to your skin first before using it on the important areas like your face and visible parts of your body. Since our body reacts differently to each stimulus, something that could be sensitive to others would be fine by you. If a droplet of ylang-ylang essential oil is too strong for you, there are plenty of ways you could still reap these health benefits! Pop a few droplets of ylang-ylang oil the next time you dip into a warm bath or even use it in an air diffuser for your home.