Your Guide To Becoming A Morning Exerciser

Sometimes, leaving your workout until the end of the day can be a bad thing. You never know when you might be expected to put in more hours at work or attend to an emergency, leaving you no choice but to forego your workout. This is why many people have subscribed to the idea of morning sweaty sessions.

In fact, there are so many perks to working out in the A.M. You will get to fire up your metabolism, burn added calories throughout the day, and build lean muscle more efficiently. But we know how difficult it can be to get up at the crack of dawn just to exercise. Don’t sweat it though — we’ve got some great tips to help in your transition to becoming a morning exerciser.


Sleep Earlier

It may seem like common sense but heading to bed earlier will make it less challenging to wake up for a morning workout. Besides, having sufficient rest can also prevent you from feeling and looking listless later in the day.

The objective is to be fully rested so that you will have less trouble getting up. A good strategy is to work backwards: decide what time you need to reach work and how long your workout will take. This should help you to determine the time you should wake up. You can then calculate what your ideal bedtime should be — aim for at least seven hours of restful sleep for optimal weight loss.

With that said, don’t expect to fall asleep early if your usual bedtime is at midnight. Strive to head to bed 15 minutes earlier every night until you gradually reach your bedtime goal. The key is consistency, so make sure you keep within the same bedtime range almost every day to enable your body to adjust.


Be Realistic

Although it is good to be ambitious, you should also consider the practicality of your goals. For instance, is leaving the house at 7 a.m. to travel to the gym the best choice for you? You’ll not only have to get up early but also bring along your makeup bags and office clothes to prep for work later. If the thought of this is enough to make you feel exhausted, consider other more convenient and accessible options. Whether it’s at home or a nearby park, you can crank out your own energising circuit routine, which can be just as effective as a gym session.


Plan For Failure

Always prepare for worst-case scenarios so you will be better equipped to deal with unfortunate occurrences. Perhaps you had your mind set on a morning run but to your horror, you wake up to a heavy thunderstorm. Instead of making excuses or ditching your workout due to unforeseen circumstances, always plan ahead and come up with a backup plan or two!


Have A Motivator

At times, it can still be an ordeal to rise early in the morning, even if you have managed to get solid rest. In such cases, you can consider psyching yourself up with things that you enjoy or are motivated by. For instance, if you love starting your day with buttered toast, make a deal with yourself that you will only be allowed to have it after you undergo a morning workout. You can also treat yourself to that sexy new pair of heels you’ve been eyeing, but only after you’ve completed two weeks’ worth of scheduled A.M. workouts. If the thought of something helps get you out of bed, it’s certainly worth a shot!


Pump Up Your Playlist

Swap out your plain ole playlist with something more upbeat to get you moving in the morning! You don’t even have to wait until you start exercising to beat out the playlist — start blasting your tunes once you’ve gotten out of bed. Having a curated playlist of your favourite hits and electrifying songs can really inspire you to push yourself to work out.


Shout It Out On Social Media

You don’t have to post gym selfies or details of your workout every hour or two, but sharing your plans on social media frequently can help you to get the moral support you might need. Post about your workout plans the night before so you will be more motivated to get moving in the morning. After all, you don’t want to seem like an “all talk, no action” kinda gal after announcing that you’ll be trying a new high-intensity circuit in the morning on your Instagram feed.


Fuss-Free Pre- And Post-Workout Routine

When your pre- and post-workout routines are simple, you will find it a breeze to be working out in the mornings. Pack all the essentials into your bag the night before, and have your workout attire and shoes ready for easy access so you won’t have trouble (or excuses) getting out of the door in the morning. Opt for fuss-free work outfits such as dresses (instead of a three-piece outfit) if you want to lessen the post-workout hassle. If you are pressed for time, you can always use dry shampoo after your workout to save time.