Your Guide To Dressing For A Curvy Figure

Like makeup, fashion is a way to express ourselves and show off our individualistic charms. Depending on personal preference, we can either dress in clothes that we feel comfortable in or put on unique outfits that will help us stand out from the crowd. Sheath dresses, tank tops and kaftans — there is a diverse variety of clothing styles and designs for us to choose from, thus leaving us with much room for creativity and experimentation.

In addition, selecting and wearing the right clothes can be a huge confidence booster as well as influence others’ first impression of you. Hence, many people are willing to spend time and money to search for an outfit that captures their interest or love. To gain a better idea of the latest trends and decide which clothes to buy, some of them also turn to fashion magazines or social media for inspiration. As a result, they might sometimes end up donning outfits that might not exactly be the most flattering for their body type.

But the thing is — unless you are an avid fashion enthusiast or someone who is working in the industry, chances are that you might not be aware of what clothing is suitable for your body type. Coupled with the specific characteristics that each body type entails and your individual strengths or imperfections, choosing an appropriate outfit can be a challenge. As such, most people usually end up settling for ‘safe’ clothing options that complement most body shapes or give up on fashion altogether. An example would be wearing loose and baggy clothing to conceal some of their body flaws. After all, nothing is as nightmarish as openly displaying our body insecurities to everyone, whether be it a saggy stomach or chubby arms. Thus, it is not surprising that for those with bigger body frames and fuller figures, the act of selecting suitable outfits can come off as an arduous task.

However, contrary to perception, dressing for a curvy figure is not as difficult as it seems. The trick is to be first aware of what kind of curvy body shape that you have before starting to narrow down the various fashion choices that best suit it. If you are unsure about how to do so, fret not as we have come up with a guide as below.


The Dos and Don’ts of Curvy Girl Fashion

As mentioned, each person has a specific body type with unique physical traits and characteristics that define them. So, what works for someone might not necessarily be the same for you. As such, it’s imperative that you are aware of the type of curvy body shape that you have, so as to facilitate your selection and decision-making process.

For example, if you tend to be fuller on the bottom part of your body and possess wide hips, this means that you have a pear-shaped figure. On the other hand, if you have an ample bosom and round and bulging belly, you have an apple shaped figure. Asides from that, for those with a narrow waist as well as a voluptuous bust and bottom, they have hourglass-shaped figures.

Most importantly, regardless of the type of figure that you have, it’s worth noting that the right clothes can make a difference. So, if you are feeling disheartened about your flabby arms or stubborn abdominal fat that refuses to budge, even after embarking on a new diet and fitness regimen that you are carrying out — take comfort in the fact that some outfits can aid in providing a ‘slimming’ effect.

Now that you have a better understanding of the type of curvy body shape that you have, let us share with you some tips on how to dress for it:

Experiment With Bright Solid Colours Or Colour Blocks

While classic, subdued colours like black, brown or navy are said to be universally flattering for most curvy figures, why not branch out and try wearing outfits in varying hues of vibrant, solid colours or colour blocks? The incorporation of multiple vivid colours within an outfit can aid in creating the illusion of a leaner figure, especially if the darker shades are located among the specific problem areas that you wish to hide like a muffin top or broad hips.

Pay Attention To Clothing Size And Fit

Even though you may feel the urge to cover yourself up in loose-fitting clothes or put on multiple layers, doing so might backfire on your intended purpose. An oversized outfit can sometimes make you look sloppy, so opt for well fitting pieces instead.

Mix And Match Different Clothing Designs And Cuts

The key to showing off your curves and detracting attention away from other undesirable areas lies in knowing how to mix and match different clothing designs and cuts. For example, if you are wearing a fitted tailored blouse, pair it with a slightly flared A-line skirt or pants to balance it out and create the illusion of a more defined, shapely figure. Also, keep a lookout for versatile clothing pieces that work for most body types such as midi skirts and pencil skirts and be sure to add them to your wardrobe!

Avoid Clothes With Clingy Material

Steer clear of outfits that are made of clingy material such as lycra or rayon, which can highlight bodily flaws. This is especially so if you have an apple or pear-shaped figure, with more weight distributed around the middle or lower part of your body. Opt for airy and less body-hugging fabrics instead like satin.