Your Packing List For The Next Road Trip

Getting ready to go on a road trip and wonder what you should be packing for it? Don’t you worry, we have got the list of essentials that you should consider adding to your luggage of items to bring. Read on!


Keeping Your Vehicle On The Road

License & Registration

A no-brainer. Do not leave home without them. We repeat. DO NOT leave home without them. That goes the same for your passports and identity cards too.

Copy Of Vehicle Insurance Policy & Important Contacts

Just in case of emergencies, you have contacts that you can reach out for help. Alternatively, you can keep a copy in your email and have your smartphone safe keep that in for you.

Vehicle’s Manual

Chances are that you have rented a car for the trip and you may need the manual to find out how you can switch off a light of your vehicle when you are out of wifi’s range.

Spare Tire & Road Side Emergency Kit

Ensure that the spare tire is of a good condition before you head off. As for the emergency kit, check for battery booster cables, light sticks, rain poncho, warning triangle, whistle and reflective vest.


Items That Are Great To Have

Hardcopy Maps

Grab yourself a map and mark your journey out on the hard copy. After all, your phone and GPS may fail at times where cell service is unavailable.

Spare Cash

Cause cash is still king in some places and they come in pretty much handy for parking meters and road tolls.

First Aid Kit

Self-explanatory. Do pack in basic supplies like band-aids, bandages, antiseptic, painkillers and activated charcoal for situations where you need quick and simple relief from minor situations. The next pharmacy in your journey can be 100km away, and it doesn’t kill to be prepared.


For cases where you need light and the torchlight function of your phone is not working. But don’t be a Silly Billy and forget about the batteries and giving the tool a test before packing it in.

Insect Repellant Or Citronella Oil

They come in useful to keep mosquitoes and bugs away from your vehicle and you. Also, citronella oil can help keep the interior of your vehicle smelling fresh and act as a booster for keeping you alert while on the road when you inhale it.

Bottles Of Drinking Water

It is vital to stay well hydrated while you are on the road. Apart from drinking, the supply of water can come in handy in time of vehicle engine being overheated or for times where you need to wash something. Glass vessels would hold up well in warmer temperatures as compared to plastic bottles, so perhaps you would like to bring some large mason jars, which can be really useful when it comes to using them as water bottles to be placed by your seat.

Toilet Roll

For wiping up any sort of mess and to avoid getting caught short in an unstocked lavatory stop.

Large Scarf Or Blanket

Whether it is to keep you warm in the cooler weather or to shield your body from sun’s glare, a large scarf or blanket can come in handy too when you are on a long journey and have nowhere to relieve your urgent nature call. All you have to do it to create a makeshift stall with the fabric and voila!

Insulation / Styrofoam Box

To keep your snacks and drinks cool/warm from destination to destination, of course! It is truly a luxury item to have when it is well stocked, just like the fridge or food warmer that you have at home.


Stay Connected & Entertained

Mobile Phone & Charger Set

Clearly another no brainer, self-explanatory essential item on the list. A must bring for sure. Do we need to say more?

Bluetooth Or Hands-Free Earphones

If you are driving, these hands-free devices are great to keep you away from being caught committing an illegal act of driving while operating the mobile device. Play safe to keep your trip away from unwanted trouble.


It can get really boring if just keep driving for hours and not have any form of entertainment. Besides, a little karaoke in the car as you get to your next destination is clearly a joyful thing to do. So load up your favourite hits and belt your heart out as you would in your own shower at home.


Personal Care Must-Haves


Being on the road will probably have you exposed to the harsh rays of sunlight. Protect your eyes and keep your vision clear and sharp for safe driving.


Apart from keeping your eyes protected, your skin has got to be covered too! Slap on the sunscreen on your face, neck and arms and keep harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin. (Yes, application of sunscreen should be applied other parts of your body too!) By doing so, you can forestall the appearance of freckles and signs of ageing like fine lines on your skin. Do remember that touching up your sunscreen from time to time is necessary too, especially if you are going to be on the road for the whole day.

Sanitiser Wipes

Wet wipes with sanitising properties are wonderful in times where you need to clean a wound or to wipe off any dirt quickly and effectively without frills.

Shower Pack & Personal Skin Care

On top of your change of clothes, do bring small bottles of your daily shower necessities. If you are thinking of bringing sample packs of products that you have not tried out before, do reconsider. You would not want to have to deal with skin allergies on a road trip for sure, wouldn’t you?