How Cellulite Treatment in Singapore Works

Step 1

Cellulite is formed when accumulated fat cells push up against your skin, while long and tough connective tissues pull down. This causes the uneven and dimpled texture on your skin surface. Unsightly cellulite tends to develop on thigh, hip or abdomen areas. Many people try to use different products in the market on their cellulite areas but there seems to be no results.

HIW_Cellulite Removal_1


Step 2

We utilise the proven technology of cellulite treatment in Singapore to cool fat cells in the targeted areas to temperatures that trigger their natural death. As fat cells crystallize faster than normal cells, there is no damage to your nerves and other tissues. This method uses controlled cooling to target and kill only the stubborn fat cells to re-shape your skin layer.

HIW_Cellulite Removal_2


Step 3

In a few weeks after our cellulite treatment in Singapore, your frozen fat cells shrink and begin to die. Your body naturally metabolizes these dead frozen fat cells and eliminates them through your lymphatic system as waste. The effect is similar to the analogy of why children who ate a lot of ice popsicles developed dimples in their cheeks.

HIW_Cellulite Removal_3


Step 4

With the fat layer significantly reduced, there is less pressure pushing up against your treated area to create the uneven texture. Your skin now becomes flat and smooth. After our cellulite treatment in Singapore, you will not have to feel inferior about having uneven and dimpled skin anymore.

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*These illustrations solely represent our cellulite treatment in Singapore provided at Geo Aesthetics.