Dark Circle Removal

Our revolutionary under-eye lightening method will safely eliminate excess melanin, boost circulation and brighten your under-eye discolouration. This non-invasive treatment clarifies your under-eye areas with a combination of compress treatment, hydrating masks and massage. Revolutionary low-energy ultrasound waves help our serums penetrate the deeper layers. Your visage will achieve overall luminescence.

Before and After Photos

At Geo Aesthetics, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience in dark circle removal in Singapore to provide you with your desired outcome. View before and after images to see the amazing results from other real people to have an idea of what you can expect.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

How Dark Circle Removal Works

Step 1

Dark eye circles form when excess melanin pools underneath your eyes. As the skin in that area is much more thinner, this hyperpigmentation becomes more visible, creating the appearance of panda eyes.

HIW_Pigment Removal_1

Step 2

To clarify your skin tone, your aesthetician infuses your under-eye region with skin repairing serums. Using low-energy ultrasound waves helps the absorption of these solutions, reaching the pooled hyperpigmentation in the deeper layers.

HIW_Pigment Removal_2

Step 3

Your body will now identify this excess melanin as waste. To speed up this draining process, our aesthetician applies a lymphatic massage to motivate healthier circulation. This helps to uplift the discoloured appearance.

HIW_Pigment Removal_3

Step 4

Your under-eye region will finally look lighter and have fairer clarity. You will have a fresher, more alert appearance and enjoy a more balanced skin tone.

HIW_Pigment Removal_4

*These illustrations solely represent the procedures provided at Geo Aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are dark eye circles?

This condition is when the skin under your eyes looks discoloured, giving you a tired appearance. There are three different kinds: pigmentary, vascular, and structural. Depending on the underlying reason for your condition, the discoloured appearance may also have different tones such as purple, blue, green or pink.


2. What causes this discolouration under my eyes?

There are numerous potential reasons for your under-eye discolouration, including allergies, UV exposure, and genetics. Oftentimes, your under-eye discolouration may be due to multiple factors. Such complexity makes it difficult for you to tackle the issue by yourself. Hence, you may need to consult a professional to treat such a condition. For any other pigmentation issues, you may consider our pigmentation removal process to reveal fairer skin.


3. Does this dark circle treatment work for different kinds?

Yes. This procedure can tackle pigmentary and vascular kinds of under-eye discolouration. If the discolouration is pigmentary in nature, this means that you have pools of excess pigmentation. Our approach can tackle this area by infusing your skin with serums to break down the excess melanin. Meanwhile, if it is the vascular type, this means you are suffering from poor lymphatic and blood flow. Our approach alleviates your discoloration by applying a lymphatic massage. This helps clear away toxins and promotes the flow of oxygen for healthier skin.


4. How does dark circle removal work?

This method helps to revitalise and rebalance the uneven skin tone under your eyes. Our treatment involves the infusion of lightweight serums and emulsion creams, which boosts your skin’s hydration levels. Plumping up your under-eye areas aids in removing any discoloured appearance too. If you are interested to know more about how this procedure will remove your uneven skin condition, don’t hesitate to speak with our knowledgeable consultants at Geo Aesthetics.


5. Is dark circle removal painful?

Not at all. This non-invasive approach is completely pain-free. As the skin around your eyes is thinner and generally more sensitive, more care is taken to ensure a comfortable experience for you. Our revolutionary treatment uses a mix of non-invasive, rejuvenating masks and emulsions to uplift the discolouration under your eyes. We will ensure that the application of hot and cold compresses is comfortable and relaxing for you.


6. Is dark circle removal safe?

Yes, this approach is definitely safe. Our aestheticians use gentle ultrasound waves on your eye region. These are kept at low levels, enough to stimulate better absorption of the serums into the deeper epidermal layers. By encouraging deeper absorption, it increases the efficacy of our anti-discolouration solutions for clearer under-eyes. The use of these energy waves will not have any adverse effects on your eyesight. However, do note this treatment is not suitable for pregnant ladies.


7. How long is a dark circle removal session?

A session of this approach lasts only half an hour. And since it is free of any side effects, you need not worry about taking the day off for recovery. This makes our treatment incredibly convenient for those of you with jam-packed schedules. Simply schedule your session during your lunchtime and return to the office looking doubly refreshed.


8. What should I expect to see after my session?

After your session, you will notice that your under-eye region looks more refreshed, hydrated and fairer. Over time, this improvement will be more marked and significant. You will look more alert and have a more even complexion.


9. When will I see visible results for this treatment?

You will be able to see significant change immediately after your session. Do note that it is determined by the current state of your skin and your lifestyle habits.


10. What are the necessary aftercare tips for this dark eye circle removal treatment?

Having good lifestyle habits will help keep your undereye area bright and clear. Getting quality sleep regularly allows your eyes to rest and your skin to recover and heal at night. Applying night creams will also keep the under-eye discolouration away. Additionally, eating a diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants gives your complexion what it needs to keep looking clear and fair.

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