Singapore Face Slimming FAQs

1. What are benefits of face slimming in Singapore?

Many people always associate round faces with being fat. Our face slimming treatment is suitable for man or woman who wants to remove excess fat from the face so that it looks slimmer and lifted. Our advanced face slimming treatment effectively contours the face shape by shrinking the fat cells while rejuvenating and tightening your skin. This is procedure is different from our facelift treatment, which focuses on lifting your face and achieving a younger look. Our face slimming treatment helps you to obtain a V-shaped face and defined jawline.


2. Why is face slimming in Singapore better than reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is an operation that many patients are afraid of going through due to the risks involved. On the other hand, our face slimming is a non-surgical procedure which is extremely safe. It also allows you to go back to your normal activities right after your treatment. Many of our customers are highly satisfied with the visible results at the end of their face slimming treatment.


3. How long does it usually take for face slimming in Singapore?

Face slimming is an effective non-invasive treatment which helps to contour your face shape without surgery. The treatment usually takes about 45 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Our proven face slimming treatment is a quick and easy procedure which effectively slims down your face, giving you the desirable Korean V-shaped face. Our face slimming treatment can even be done during your lunch break.


4. Are results from face slimming in Singapore long lasting?

Yes, our face slimming treatment is clinically proven to produce long-lasting results. Our advanced face slimming treatment helps to shrink the volume of fat cells while increasing collagen and elastin fibres to tighten up your skin. Our face slimming treatment effectively contours the face shape to reveal a V-shaped face and defined jawline.


5. Is face slimming in Singapore safe?

Yes, it is very safe. Our face slimming treatment is a non-invasive procedure. You will benefit from our face slimming treatment if you want to have a V-shaped face by removing excess fat from your round or square face. It has always been the perfect alternative to an invasive procedure such as bone shaving. With millions of such procedures performed worldwide, our face slimming treatment is proven to be extremely safe and highly effective.


6. Can I return to normal activities after the face slimming in Singapore?

The face slimming procedure is completely non-surgical and requires no downtime. Thus, you can resume your normal activities immediately after the face slimming treatment. Many people often return to work on the same day after completing their face slimming treatment. This is one of the key advantages compared to an invasive procedure, like bone shaving which requires a long recovery period.