How Face Slimming in Singapore Works

Step 1

Many Asians have a round-shaped face. It makes a person look more plump and unattractive. In addition, your face shape changes as you age. The fat compartments in your cheek and chin dissipate and descend due to the ageing of the facial structures and gravity. This results in your cheekbones and jawline look less defined.



Step 2

We utilise the proven technology of face slimming in Singapore to deliver energy into the deeper layers of the skin, which helps to shrink the fat cells and contour your face shape where products or peels cannot. This is the main reason why our face slimming treatment is the most effective procedure in the market.



Step 3

Our face slimming in Singapore is a non-invasive procedure with no downtime and completely safe. The absorbed heat helps to shrink the volume of fat cells and effectively contours your face shape. Over the next few weeks, the areas at both sides of your face will gradually shrink and get lifted. 



Step 4

Our face slimming in Singapore is highly effective in delivering visible and long-lasting results. After the overall fat cells are reduced, you are now left with a slimmer face. You will look younger and feel more confident with a V-shaped or Almond-shaped face.


*These illustrations solely represent our face slimming in Singapore provided at Geo Aesthetics.