Fat Removal

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical treatment that allows you to successfully shed unwanted inches. This highly raved treatment aids your weight-loss journey by cooling and breaking down fat cells. Your body goals are within your reach with this fuss-free treatment.

Before and After Photos

At Geo Aesthetics, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience in cryolipolysis to provide you with your desired outcome. View before and after images to see the amazing results from other real people to have an idea of what you can expect.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

How Fat Removal Works

Step 1

Layers of stubborn fat can persist, despite a good diet and regular exercise. Your aesthetician will first identify and mark these persistent areas during your consultation.

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Step 2

Next, the aesthetician places the applicators on the targeted areas. These applicators will emit cold temperatures, which crystallise fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.

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Step 3

At the end of the session, you will receive a lymphatic massage. This massage promotes blood circulation and helps to further break down the fat cells.

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Step 4

The unwanted layer on the targeted area has now slimmed down. With consistent sessions, you will be able to shape an ideal body.

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*These illustrations solely represent the procedures provided at Geo Aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does fat removal feel like?

The most common feedback is that it’s cold! You will experience a cold sensation at the start of the treatment, specifically on the targeted area. There will also be a tugging feeling once the suction begins. This may be mildly uncomfortable for you, but the feeling dissipates within 10 minutes as numbness takes over. Most of our clients find the experience restful enough to read, browse social media, watch tv shows, or even clear their emails.


2. How can fat removal benefit me?

There are some great benefits to undergoing cryolipolysis. This treatment is extremely beneficial to individuals who have persistent pockets of fat as it can help them shed it and sculpt the body of their dreams. Moreover, besides eliminating flab, the procedure can also work as a cellulite treatment, smoothening the fatty orange-peel texture from your skin. It is also suitable for most clients and has minimal risk or discomfort. Additionally, one session is only 45 – 60 minutes long and does not have any downtime. You won’t need to clear your entire day or use your precious leave to attend a session!


3. Will fat removal help me lose weight?

It is important to remember that cryolipolysis is not an effective method to lose weight. This gentle and non-invasive procedure works to eliminate the stubborn adipocytes. Most of our clients are individuals who are unable to shed off their last few inches. If you are unsure if you are suited for this treatment, fret not! You can drop by for a consultation so our expert aestheticians can help assess if you are ready.


4. Is anaesthesia needed for this fat removal treatment?

Not at all. This treatment is a completely non-invasive technique and does not cause pain. Any mild discomfort at the beginning of the application soon dissolves, allowing you to lie back and relax.


5. Am I a suitable candidate for fat removal?

Almost anyone — male or female — looking to tackle persistent fat can undergo cryolipolysis! This non-invasive procedure is ideal for those who are close to their body goals and require some assistance in sculpting their body. Unfortunately, individuals who are pregnant, have pre-existing heart conditions, or suffer from nerve disorders are considered unsuitable candidates. Those who are averse to the cold may instead consider our fat burning treatment for a relaxing, deep massage that can also target excess flab.


6. What are the areas that fat removal can target?

It works on stubborn pockets of fat on places like your abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, and arms. Harder-to-reach problem zones like bra bulges, love handles, and the flanks are also accessible thanks to the ergonomically designed vacuum applicators. Additionally, there are two applicators which can tackle two areas simultaneously.


7. What are the risks associated with fat removal?

There are very few risks associated with this procedure, which is what makes it a great alternative to surgical slimming treatments. Most of our customers do not report any severe side effects. However, you may experience some mild bruising, minimal swelling or redness. Some individuals have also felt an increase in their skin’s sensitivity as well. However, all of the above symptoms tend to fade away within a few days or weeks, depending on the individual. If you have any concerns, you are welcome to speak to our friendly aestheticians.


8. Are the fat removal results permanent?

This would also vary from individual to individual, as well as the lifestyle you upkeep. Consider making some changes to your way of life.  You can start by ensuring you get eight hours of sleep and by incorporating regular exercise into your routine. You should also revamp your diet to include more nutritious foods and sufficient water. All that being said, the results can last a really long time if you make the right changes in your life.


9. Are there any supplements I need to take for fat removal?

There are no supplements required for cryolipolysis.


10. What must I do after fat removal treatment?

Water has plenty of health benefits, hence, it comes as no surprise that it can help you flush out fat cells from your system. Remember to hydrate sufficiently after your session! You should also refrain from consuming large amounts of food and consider taking a break from caffeine and alcoholic beverages. At home, you can gently massage the treated region to boost circulation. Massaging can also aid in relieving any discomfort you may be experiencing.


11. How long does one session of fat removal take?

Fortunately, this is a very convenient treatment. The session only takes between 45 minutes to an hour. You can squeeze this into your workday during your lunch hour, or even after work. With no downtime or anaesthesia, feel free to resume your daily activities after your session.


12. Can I reschedule my fat removal appointment?

Absolutely! Give the friendly aestheticians a call and pick a date and time that works best for you.


13. Is there any prep for fat removal?

No, there is no prep required for cryolipolysis.

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