Coolsculpting: Does It Work and is It Safe?

Billed as the “lunchtime liposuction”, Coolsculpting, or also as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that removes and eradicate targeted fat cells by way of safely freezing without the risk of imposing any damage on your nerves, muscles or skin. As soon as the fat cells are eliminated, they are then broken down slowly and eventually eradicated from the body by the liver.

Comparing Liposuction & Coolsculpting

1. Liposuction

Anyone who has seen or undergone liposuction will tell you it is not a gentle procedure. Doctors commonly exercise a procedure called suction-assisted liposuction, requiring them to manually loosen the targeted fats with a tube before sucking it out. Another alternative is powered liposuction, where the suction tube vibrates rapidly back and forth, almost like a jackhammer. In addition, the post-procedure pain, bruising, numbness and swelling can typically last for several weeks, not to mention other potential risks such as infection, bleeding and problems associated with anaesthesia.

2. Coolsculpting

While it is a relatively new technique and research surrounding it is limited, this treatment is generally perceived to be a safer alternative as compared to conventional procedures such as liposuction. Apart from the occasional tugging sensation due to the device’s cooling panels that sandwich the skin, most people who have opted for the treatment to remove their excess fats have reported that they do not feel anything throughout the entire treatment. Moreover, seeing that the technique is a non-surgical procedure that does not involve any anaesthesia, tissue manipulation, cutting or penetrating the skin, most, if not all, patients require zero recovery downtime and are able to resume their routine activities almost immediately. The only noticeable side effects of this treatment appear to be the cold bruises around the area of treatment, which in any case, is minor.

In Summary

In contrast, Coolsculpting returns you with no surgical risks and little to no recovery time. This convenient procedure takes only an hour and most people who went through the treatment usually resume their routines, even returning to their exercise regimens and work on the same day as the procedure. Results can be noticeable after just one treatment, but additional sessions are ideal to fully attain your goal.


What are the Possible Risks of Coolsculpting?

Most minor side effects normally subside or disappear completely within a few days or a couple of weeks following the procedure. However, it is normal for one to experience a loss of sensation or numbness in the affected area for approximately a month due to the applied freezing technique in the treatment. The common side effects for this treatment include bruising, minor swelling, numbness, firmness, tenderness, redness, tingling, stinging, pinching sensation, muscle cramping, skin sensitivity as well as mild to moderate pain.

Individuals have been reported to have experienced these side effects for up to a couple of weeks following their procedure before these symptoms subside or fully disappear. Other side effects that an individual may experience during the initial few weeks after undergoing Coolsculpting include diarrhoea due to the fat cells leaving the body, irritation or skin discomfort the first few days after treatment and a feeling of fullness in the oesophagus (only if the procedure involves the chin or neck region).


Who Should Avoid Coolsculpting?

While many experts consider Coolsculpting a safe and efficient method to lower the number of fat cells in a specific area of the body, it is not a recommended route to deal with obesity as this treatment is hardly a form of weight loss. In contrast, Coolsculpting is designed to further aid the break up of fat cells that more often than not only shrink through regular exercise and proper diet.

In addition, individuals who are prone to sickness and have a weak immune system are not suitable candidates for fat removal procedure of this sort. This is because people who are down with certain health conditions that alter or wane the body’s ability to adjust and accommodate to the cold during the freezing treatment may result in acute medical complications.


Benefits of Coolsculpting

Unlike exercise and diet where fats are not eliminated entirely, Coolsculpting has been scientifically proven to obliterate and remove fat cells permanently from the body. This essentially means that the same fat units are no longer able to return or swell up with weight gain.

1. Rid of Excess Fat in Specific Areas

This technique is a wonderful way to rid smaller fatty deposits in the body. It is also an excellent option for those who seek to avoid going through surgery, be the reason of personal preference or health issues that surgery might bring. It is a low-risk procedure for the average adults due to its non-surgical nature, which in turn, eliminate a number of risk complication such as scarring and infection as the skin barrier is not compromised or broken at all. Additionally, Coolsculpting also provides a great deal of help for those who are at a healthy weight range or have successfully shed off their pounds but are still looking to get rid of excess fat in specific, targeted areas.

2. Minimal Recovery Downtime

Reports of adverse outcomes or reaction have been few and far between and most people are able to get on with their daily activities almost immediately afterwards. Apart from the minimal recovery downtime, results can be visibly seen after just a single treatment and will appear natural as they gradually develop and recover through the following weeks.

3. Low Risk of Skin Dimpling

Moreover, this fat removal technique returns patients with a low risk of skin dimpling as their fat cells are evenly decimated across a specific spot of the skin’s surface. Most importantly, Coolsculpting provides individuals with renewed confidence and self-esteem, more so when it is tastefully combined with weight loss obtained via a healthy regimen that includes regular exercise and a nourishing diet.


The Bottom Line

Research on Coolsculpting, while limited, suggests that this fat removal technique is a safe alternative for getting rid of small amounts of stubborn fat that refuses to go away even with a proper diet and exercise regime. Nonetheless, anyone who is interested to explore this treatment method should always consult their doctor beforehand for proper medical assessment before determining whether this method of fat removal is a viable alternative option to remove your unwanted fat.