Hair Removal Techniques You Should Know About

Women (and men too!) aspire for smooth skin and that is a struggle when the growth of hair on their bodies like their armpits, arms, underarms and face comes in between that idealised image. Some might look to hair removal as a way for them to look presentable in the workplace environment or at school. If not, a preferred step of personal grooming and hygiene to upkeep.

Thankfully, there are many different options in the market today when it comes to maintaining a smooth and hairless appearance. With each alternative having their own advantages to them it is surely a breeze for everyone to find one that works the best for them. If you are figuring which to adopt, you are not alone. Read on to uncover the different ways you can remove the unwanted strands on your body.


1. Laser Hair Removal

Removal by laser remains one of the most convincing options simply because of how it tackles your issue of unwanted hair at the root. This method is typically done at aesthetic clinics where specialists utilise a device that emits non-invasive energy at the targeted areas. Typically, it would take at least six to 10 sessions to achieve your desired results, but a significant result can be observed following the first treatment session. Certain aesthetic clinics utilise the diode-laser technology that would help you achieve effective and lasting results. The procedure can be carried out for any part of the body that you require hair removal. Yes, that means the bikini line and in between your thighs too!

It is Totally Painless

A laser removal procedure is touted as a pain-free option. In the procedure, you may feel just a slight warm sensation at the treated area and that is pretty much all there is.

Permanent & Effortless

As a permanent solution for excess hair, you will find that maintaining smooth and silky skin is possible when you continue with the regular touchup sessions to slow down the regrowth at the treated area. Keeping the unsightly strands out of sight has never seemed so effortless.

Great Option For Everyone

Removal by laser stands as a popular alternative to many busy individuals compared to the use of a shaver. This is because of it being pain-free and how permanent it can be as a removal option, many have opted in favour of this treatment. If you are looking for a long-lasting option, this would be for you.


2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Unlike shaving and waxing that only remove the shafts but leave the follicles intact, the IPL procedure is much more longer-lasting as it goes straight for the follicles and roots. How the Intense Pulsed Light procedure works can be understood in its name — specialists direct short blasts of bright light that is converted to heat energy and it travels through the tissue of the skin till it reaches the shafts and subsequently destroys it. It has to be noted that while the targeted area would not be entirely bald at the end of your first treatment session, you can expect to see strands that are lighter in colour and finer in size.

Comparable to the Light Snaps of Rubber Band

Expect a little stinging pain that if your skin is dry and dehydrated. Aside from a light sensation that is compared to light snaps of a rubber band on your wrist, the sensation is said to be very much bearable.

Its Lasting Results are Similar to Laser Treatment

Following the number of sessions suggested by the specialists, you will find that staying hairless isn’t a tall order so long you attend touch up sessions to prevent any new ones from sprouting.

Ideal For Those Seeking Some Permanence

The IPL procedure is useful for those who are looking for some permanence as the treatment does thin, lighten and subsequently eradicate any of your unwanted strands. Unfortunately, IPL procedures aren’t for those with darker skin tone and thicker darker hair as they are more likely to have their skin burned by the blasts of light. If you do end up going through with the procedure, the specialists would have to reduce the power and that would prolong the treatment; you might take two or three times longer to observe any noticeable changes compared to another with a lighter skin tone.


3. Shaving

An option that is universally known, how shaving works is by cutting off the strands at the skin level, efficiently removing any unwanted strands with one straight pull. Most people use disposable razors with shaving cream, attempt wet shaving while in the shower (simultaneously eradicating the need for any clean-up) or utilise an electric shaver that would remove any unsightly tufts quickly. This option is often performed at the comforts of one’s bathroom, making it really popular as a personal grooming quick fix.

Pain-free Unless You Cut or Nick Yourself

Shaving is often regarded as a painless option, however, there are instances where you might cut or nick yourself with the sharp blade. You might also run the risk of ingrown hairs as a result of razor bumps that occur when you do not shave right — that is the use of a sharp and clean razor with shaving cream to soften the strands.

Frequent Maintenance is Required

Shaving doesn’t penetrate deeper than the surface of your skin, thus, the bristles often grow back in the span of one to three days.

Perfect For Those Who Need a Quick Fix

This might be an option for those who are after a convenient shave since it can be done in the comfort of your shower. However, because of how one would require frequent repetition to maintain smooth skin, it is not a method for those who are pressed for time or do not have the habit of shaving regularly. If you are going with this method, be sure to use shaving cream or a proper lubricant before you go in with the blades. This can minimise the risk of a nick or damaging your skin’s topmost surface. The grazing of the skin and blade may lead to darkening of the area over time.


4. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are starting to rise in popularity as a convenient way of hair removal. How it works is through the use of alkaline-based chemicals to dissolve and break down the proteins in each strand. To do so, thick layers of depilatory cream are smeared over the targeted areas and left for five to 10 minutes to work their magic before they are wiped away.

Just a Tingling Sensation After the Cream is Applied

While depilatory creams do not hurt aside from a tingling sensation, some have noted how these lotions may not be the best for use on certain areas like the bikini line — if you were to leave the cream on for a minute too long on sensitive skin, the creams might cause painful chemical burns, stinging rashes and peeling of skin. For some users, there might even encounter a distinctive unpleasant smell on their skin from the chemicals used.

Regular & Frequent Maintenance Required

While it might seem like an effective removal, depilatory creams do not remove hair from the root, but only at the skin level. It works rather similar to how shaving with a razor would, but with a chemical to break the strands right on your skin’s surface. You can expect to see a strand or two peeking out from your skin in the next one to three days, depending on your hair’s texture, rate of growth and colour.

Best Alternative to Shaving at Home

This is best for those who wish to rid the fuzz at home and do not wish to risk the possibility of getting a cut from a razor. However, given the time that is required from applying the product till removing it thoroughly from the skin, is not the best option for those who are short on time. A minimum of approximately 15 minutes is expected to work their magic on the strands once the cream is applied, regardless if it’s on your arms or legs. However, some might not be comfortable with the use of chemicals as it might cause chemical burns or skin peeling. Similar to shaving, the frequent application of these creams might not work well for those who are looking for a long-term solution.


5. Waxing

Long been heralded as an option to remove hair fast, waxing strips a bunch of hair at once at the root. This is achieved by applying wax to your skin that would stick to each individual strand and when the wax is pulled off in a single quick movement, even the littlest of strands are taken with it. The best thing about waxing is that it can be done either at a salon by an expert or done at home with a DIY waxing kit.

Painful, But Bearable

With all the mental pictures forming in our heads over waxing, it is a given that waxing would incur quite a bit of pain as the wax is often ripped off quickly. Besides the initial sting, waxing would not be ideal for those with sensitive skin as it could cause a reaction onto your skin that would be uncomfortable to deal with.

Regrowth is Slower, Regular Upkeeping Required

One of the reasons that most opt for waxing is because of how regrowth does not happen that fast. This is as such since waxing extracts further down the shaft, thus, regrowth would take a much longer time to happen till it becomes noticeable again.

Not For Anyone with Low Pain Tolerance

For those who do not deal with pain well, waxing would be a dealbreaker simply because of how it could inflict pain. But fret not, something that you should note is that waxing would cause the hairs to become finer over a period of time and when repeated, it would reduce the pain of waxing over time. For those who aren’t confident with a DIY waxing kit, having it professionally done at a waxing salon would be a wise idea.


Uncovering the Best Hair Removal Method

To answer the question of which method would be best, it would be best to consider your daily routine and your lifestyle needs.  Take some time to figure that out and give the different options a try. If you have time on your hands, the short-term removal methods like shaving, waxing and the use of a depilatory cream would definitely be ideal.

However, if you are after something with a bit more permanence, you can opt for the IPL or laser removal procedure as they can prevent and decelerate the rate of tiny strands from sprouting out with regular follow-up treatments. Besides, a session in an aesthetic clinic with the technician to perform your monthly maintenance takes less than half an hour.


Why You Should Choose The Laser Removal Method

  •  The procedure is totally painless
  • No nicks or redness on the skin
  • Regrowth is minimal to none after a minimum of 6-10 sessions
  • Strands of regrowth are super fine and thin
  • Maintenance is required as much as once a month, tops
  • Each session of touch up takes less than half an hour

As it stands, removal by laser seems to be the popular choice for many individuals given its list of benefits. It also allows one to rid their body of its excess and unsightly hair efficiently and permanently.  One key reason as to why this treatment ranks first highly because of how the generated heat actually destroys the follicle for the strand to fall off naturally. This is unlike shaving or waxing which would only function as a temporary solution to your beauty woes, with the latter being a rather painful option. And comparing just the semi-permanent hair removal methods, laser removal would be suitable even for those with darker skin and thicker darker hair, whereby IPL isn’t so.

If you are considering to give this option a go or will like to find out more about it, feel free to speak to a professional over at Geo Aesthetics today!